Recommendation for Camera to implement in Openhab

im quite new to Openhab and im making the first steps - its quite amazing.
I`d love to implement a Camera into Openhab and i´m looking for some advice which cam is working properly.
I just tested a CAM with ONVIF but all i could see in the Sitemap was the jpeg - this is not really statisfying…
Would be nice if the order is available on Amazon (DE/FR/IT…EU)

Is it possible to see the “Stream” in the Sitemap or via HAB-Panel - what possibilities do i have to implement a CAM ?

Can someone pls recommend a nice CAM (Outdoor, Waterproof, POE would be nice)

(my OH2 is running on a RPI3 - nothing special)

If it is a standard video stream just put this on your sitemap. If you want stuff like motion events or the like you will need something like Motion, Shinobi, BlueEye, ZoneMinder, etc.

There is also an IP camera binding, though I think it is only available on the IoT Marketplace at the moment.

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Instar IN-9008 is the one I just bought and I’m happy with the available streams and photos. Outdoor, PoE) And I had the same questions before ordering a cam.
This cam offers several streams in different qualities. The sitemap entries look like this for the lowest quality stream and photo

Text label="Hof Standbild"	icon="camera" {Video url="http://user:pass@" encoding="mjpeg"}
Text label="Hof Stream"		icon="camera" {Video url="" encoding="mjpeg"}

Whoooooot 300€ (fast search is quite a bit to much i`m willing to spent for a CAM :slight_smile:

Maybe there will be some “cheaper” alternatives

But - thx @maxico for your hint

Foscams are quite popular and available for less than $100, there’s waterproof and PoE models, and they can even do motion and sound detection. I couldn’t get mine to properly stream into OH sitemap, but that’s likely because it does not support mjpeg, but there’s models that do.
The generic IP camera binding Rich mentioned is available here and has a (short) compatibility list.

I am guessing this means you have already tried the binding that others have mentioned. I currently have the picture updating once a second via the binding and that is the limit that most cameras can do due to their processors only producing a keyframe max at once a second. Cameras require the keyframe to create the snapshot. Also many cameras do provide a MJPEG stream, but be careful and read the manual as they usually can not do full resolution and in some cases it is a 4:3 ratio stream with less than half the pixel count. Not all UI and apps will work unless the stream is in MJPEG format.

There are some openhab users that are using a script to use FFMPEG to convert the stream in realtime to mjpeg for cameras that do not have the feature. Also home assistant has this feature to use ffmpeg. Guessing this will tax the CPU doing this.

Using the Image item the binding is able to provide a full resolution in widescreen format picture, with little CPU load on openhab, but yes at a lower FPS rate.

So what to do if you want 30 FPS video motion?

Do what @rlkoshak posted and use a “video” element in your sitemap. Downside is you MUST use a camera that can use a user/pass in the URL like foscam, or use a camera that can do basic auth (not much better than raw passwords) and a number of cameras like Hikvision do support basic auth, as well as being able to do Digest auth as well.

A number of cameras require a PLUGIN to be installed in your browser before the stream can be watched, this creates another hurdle to jump over. Both my cameras do this.

@maxico gave a good example of how to use both of these types of cameras, first example is how to do basic auth cameras, the second way is how to do raw text cameras like Foscam. Notice the different format of the URL.

Some brands will not work using this method at all as they use DIGEST auth only and AFAIK you wont get these cameras working with the video element. If you can please post how.

Because the video element does NOT work with you will need to do extra work to see the camera feed remotely.

So why does the binding use snapshots?

Because openhab only has an IMAGE item for holding raw images and does not have a VIDEO item equivalent. For cameras that only support DIGEST auth method, the binding handles the authentication and then has a way to pass on the image to other parts of Openhab.
There is nothing that stops you from using the binding only for the alarm and API features and use the Video element in your sitemap for local network usage, you can mix and match and get the best of both.

Don’t buy ReoLink…PITA at the best you only get snapshots. Then you gotta try and figure out what the snapshot is…LOL

Sorry to revive the topic, but has anyone got any luck with SDETER light bulb camera? Aliexpress is having a flash sale now. $31.10 Canadian for a 1080P camera.

It says it supports ONVIF so it should be compatible with most of the CCTV software like Zoneminder, Shinobi and BlueEye and I know there is a Zoneminder binding, successful Shinobi integration and I think successful BlueEye integration with OH.

I haven’t used any of these in a long time so can’t say what the state of the art is.

Thanks Rich. It turns out that the light I have on the porch is a pot light; so I skip the deal.

Hi, i have 3 Ip cameras (hikvision) out of my local network. The question is: may I access them from my home to see them in the site map and also in the habpanel?
If there is any topic related this please point me there. Thanks!

I was able to get my ReoLink 422 dome camera streaming to Openhab2 without any issues.

I added an image widget to HABPanel with the URL below. I told the widget to refresh every 3 seconds. I’m sure this could be updated to every second.

Hope that helps.

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