Recommendations for devices that can work with a smart knob

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yes - it’s another hardware recommendation thread. The reason therefore is, that i’ve searched trough countless other similar threads but none seems to adress my needs. I’ll explain my situation to you all and excuse in advance for my language mistakes. I’m from germany and english isn’t my native language.

Right now, I’m working on my bachelor thesis. I’ve developed a smart turning knob. It should be used as a multifunctional controller for different smart home devices. For example you should be allowed to controll your lights and blinds with the same controller. The logic to decide between these options is inside the turning knob controller and got nothing to do with openhab2. I’ll connect this controller to openhab2 so that i can adress other to openhab2 connected devices. For example: If there are Philips Hue Lamps connected you can dim these lamps by turning the knob. It all works fine so far. Now I’m looking for some devices to controll which have some functionality that is similar to a turning knob. For example turning up and down the volume of a music player. I hope you can point out some devices to me that would fit my needs. I’m looking especially for something like a radio that you can controll via openhab2 (no internet radio, but the real thing).

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Since you are a student and your budget must be limited, I would recommend:

A cheap Google Chromecast or a used Sonos Speaker from eBay (max 100€) and use OH2 + or
Use your magic knob to control the volume of the speaker (or more)

Use Sonos as an audio sink in OH2 and implement a TTS Service to play with it (example: HowTo: Listen & Talk to your Home)

If you have already covered the Light dimming & blinds aspect, look for additional A/V stuff to control (e.g. the volume of a TV connected to OH2)

How does your “magic” turning knob connect to OH2?

You have some competition already :slight_smile: Suggestions on Volume Control Knobs for Wall?

“Magic” haha. Great way to say :smiley:

Plain connection through a simple TCP socket and pseudo protocol in combination with custom binder handler. Currently I’m developening my own binding. I plan to use device discovery through Upnp and then there is a big question mark right now. Still work in progress but i want to stick with standard protocols and so on. The full architecture isn’t worked out yet.

Edit: The question mark refers to the form of communication and protocol.

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Good luck dude! It seems that you know your stuff and you will end up with a nice thesis ! :+1:

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Thanks mate, giving my best xD
Currently in contact with Phillips to discuss my ideas with them and asking for advise.

But I guess it all will go great if i can find some devices that i can controll :wink: (Thread Topic :smiley:)

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Few things come to mind…

  • Change the channel on a TV
  • Control a roller shutter
  • Control the volume on a TV
  • Set the heating temperature