Recommendations for Relay Boards?

I’d be interested in hearing what relay control boards people are using? Recommendations, experiences, reviews, etc?

Currently looking, but have not really found anything I’m sold on yet. I’d love to get some feedback from people as to what they are using and what has worked well or not well for them.

Ideally, I’m looking for an ethernet controlled board, but would consider USB, or direct to GPIO (Rasberry pi)

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these three are not the typical chinese low cost ethernet relay boards i have found for me.

There are also Application Notes for OpenHab from denkovi.

I only use the Siemens LOGO becaus of the name Brand and long term support.

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This company provides a nice selection of relay and IO boards.

They can work as stand alone, or set to peer-to-peer.

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It even looks like they run TCP/IP Modbus… When looking though the setup on youtube, there is an option for Modbus in the TCP/IP section…

EDIT - It support Modbus RTU as well according to the docs.

Have you tried one of these boards Stuart?

I’ve got a couple of them.

A ETH848 setup with very simple commands from openHAB2, from when I first started exploring linking Velbus to other relays & I0 boards

I’ve also setup a DS1242 as a standalone church bell chimer, with its own NTP client and scheduling.
Which can receive UDP commands to trigger different patterns.

As documented here

As mentioned in that post, the TP-LINK HS range of WiFi plugs are pretty good.
It depends on how many channels of output relays or Inputs the OP wants.

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Thanks for the input eveyone. I’ll take a look++ :slight_smile:

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