Recommended openHAB Version

Hello everyone,

im looking for the best Version for my situation (Maybe some other User helps this too).

At the beginning of 2016 is started with a openHAB 1.8.0 and Habmin 1 Installation, this works fine for me. A script from the manufacture of my touch display destroyed the main part of the filesystem, it was possible to save the openhab directory.

I set up a clean raspbian system and installed openHAB 1.8.3 with apt-get. But i am not really sure about which link i downloaded the habmin 1, first i had the Version 1.5 of z-wave binding and io.habmin, later i switch to “” and Version 1.8.3 of zwave binding. I restore the configuration folder from the backup. The Problem was that i had some weird mistakes in habmin for example i can’t start “Include” Mode, if i click on it nothing happend.

Now i want to start from the beginning.
My basic is a Raspberry Pi 2 with a Raspbian Jessie (up2date)
The addons which i want to use at the moment:

  • Telegram
  • FritzboxTR064
  • HUE
  • Sonos
  • Z-Wave
  • rrdj4

Which Version is actually recommend for this configuration?
If some says 1.8.0 works better with Habmin 1, i will go back to this verison but in the release notes of the newer versions i saw some bugfixes which have affects on the addons which i want to use.

Can i use OH 1.8.3 with the new Habmin 2? :innocent:

Many thanks in advance.
I 'm happy about every information.

I’ve made my first (and still running) installation with OH 1.83 (via apt-get) on the latest raspbian release.

Then I installed several bindings, for example:

HABmin 1.8 (since HM 1 isn’t developed any further, this should be the latest version. Or is there a 1.83 habmin available?)
zwave binding 1.9 (I nearly always use the latest binding from cloudbees to get the latest DB entries for the devices)
HUE 1.83
rrdj 1.83
…and some other 1.83 bindings.

I also used FritzTR064 for some weeks (also the latest main version with apt-get).

I haven’t had any major issues with this configuration and I would clearly advise anybody to go this way.

And as you already knew: No, Habmin2 does not work with OH1. :wink:


Hi Stefan,

thanks for your fast reply. That sounds good for me and gives me hope.
I will try the installation this evening.

Can anyone confirm that i use the right links:

openHAB 1.8.3 --> via apt-get
HABmin 0.1.3 -->
HABmin Binding --> 1.7.0
Z-wave 1.9 -->$org.openhab.binding.zwave/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/org.openhab.binding/org.openhab.binding.zwave/1.9.0-SNAPSHOT/org.openhab.binding.zwave-1.9.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

and all other Bindings via apt-get.

The HABmin binding is part of the HABmin 0.1.3 zip. I am using the same versions as linked above with one exception: I am using 1.8.0 of the HABmin binding. I must admit I’m not sure where and how I got this version…

Got it…in fact, it IS version 1.7.0. But I followed a tutorial anywhere around the net where it was mentioned to rename the binding to 1.8.0, so it is matching the OH 1.8.x version:

mv /usr/share/openhab/addons/

And that’s what I did. I do not know if this was necessary.

I think it was not necessary.

Since last thursday i have my openHAB running.

  • openHAB 1.8.3
  • HABmin 0.1.3
  • HABmin Binding 1.7.0
  • Zwave Binding 1.9.0 from cloudbees
  • all other addons via apt-get in version 1.8.3

Many thanks for your help!

Hey @MrT, I have to ask: Why not simply use the latest versions of everything? openHAB 2 SNAPSHOT is provided with the latest habmin package out of the box. You could start by flashing openHABian, adding bindungs is quite easy by either PaperUI or addons.cfg.

Hey @ThomDietrich, i asked for which Version you actually recommend and only @jaydee73 answered me, so i installed the Version 1.8.3.
My understanding is that the latest stable version is 1.8.3. and openHAB 2 is still a beta version :confused:

For me and my start it is important to have a stable system which support the most addons.
But i am glad when openHAB 2 goes stable and i will test it with my configuration.

I thought as much… the openHAB 2 core is pretty stable and all add-ons/bindings development is now concentration on OH2. With that in mind my unconditional recommendation would be to start out with OH2 right away.

One thing you should however be aware of (!): PaperUI (the most visible change in OH2) is still under development and thereby creates some misconception for new users. PaperUI is a great project and will soon hit production ready state, till then I personally would advice a configuration files based approach. Check my configuration behind the second link to get an idea.

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You should check if all your needed bindings (Fritz, HUE, Sonos and so on) are all already working with OH2 (without problems…).

For zwave/habmin, the answer seems to be “yes”.

I know what you want to tell to me : )

When you can remove the “pretty” in front of stable i will go in testing it for me.
First i had enough to do with the bugs that i build in my installation.