Recommended Outdoor Plugs (flat plug)

Hi. I’m trying to find an outdoor plug/strip with a flat plug that works with OpenHAB. Looks like the market is full of options, but browsing this community it seems like not all of them work. Is there a good resource for knowing what works “out of the box”, or does anyone have any recommendations?


Where are located?

I have a preference for a Z-Wave plug but it is US & Canada only.

I’m located in the US.

I have found the Zooz ZEN15 to work well.

Some others have issues with particular loads. I remember an LED Christmas star messing up one.

If you don’t mind flashing a device with a new firmware like Tasmota, you can use one of the many Tuya devices. (not flat I think)

It might even be possible without flashing, but I have not tried that.

I don’t think that one is rated for outdoor use.

The ZEN15 manual does say Indoor only. I have used one on a covered porch with no issues though.

I was able to find a Tuya (branded as Aoycocr) outdoor strip with a flat plug. I flashed the device with Tasmota and after some trial and error got it working in OpenHAB with MQTT. Had some odd connection issues that I couldn’t explain, but it appears to be working now.

Thank you for the help.

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