Recommended Z Wave Sensors with OpenHab


Im fairly new to OpenHab and thanks to help from people off here ive managed to get a bare bones automated system up and running with two test smoke detectors. I am now looking to expand the range of sensors within my home and I was wondering which ones would be best to work with OpenHab? I have put some initial ideas down in brackets as to the ones ive already come across on Amazon and a Home Automation website. It would be good to get some feedback on what other users have experienced with the following devices. a) how easy they were to setup in OpenHab and b) how reliable after using them for a few weeks and did you then have any problems?

Appreciate any feedback on below. Thanks!!

Smart Things Multipurpose Z-Wave Door Sensor

Door / Window Sensor? (Aeotec Door Window Sensor 7)

Aeotec MultiSensor 6

Fibaro Flood Z Wave Plus

Fibaro Door Window Sensor 2

Vemmio open/close mini

Vision Z-Wave Flood Sensor

Aeotec Water Sensor 6

Vemmio 4 in 1 Sensor

Where in the world are you located? There are 19 incompatible Z-Wave regions.

United Kingdom. Ive posted links above to Z Wave products in the UK :vulcan_salute:

It’s not 19, there’s groups of frequencies to interwork but of course you’re right in pointing that out.

@doc_njt77 Fibaro and Aeotec products are generally fine. Vemmio I don’t know, but their product resemble others (Philio, Heiman) very much so it’s probably the same just sold under a different brand name.

Did I miscount?


here is a thread I created to ask about motion sensors a while back

I haven’t updated it in a while but my dome, fibaro and monoprice sensors are all still going strong. I have a aerotec gen 5 door contact I like a lot as well

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All controllers and most sensors don’t work on exactly one frequency but cover a certain range so you could have for instance a Hong Kong controller speak to an Israelian sensor but not a Chinese one so in the end it’s not 19 groups. Frequencies close to each other is no interworking guarantee, though.
My RaZberry controller allows to tune the frequency. I think it offered 4 or 5 groups of frequencies to tune to. I never tried interworking, though. Or I did by accident get a non EU frequency sensor and din’t notice because it still worked out.

I don’t have much to offer as I only used this one.

I had a few issues with this device.

  • The battery life is short, even when using the two battery configuration. I had mine set to report hourly.
  • The reported battery percentage “fell off a cliff”, so it always would die before I knew the battery was low. Seemed like it would report 100% all the way up until it died. Very annoying.
  • The motion sensor works best when the motion is very perpendicular to the orientation of the sensor. Once past a 45 degree angle, it was hit or miss.

The above battery issues could avoided by using USB power, but that was not practical where I had mine mounted.

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Vulcan ain’t supported as a region, sorry.

And frankly, I don’t know if the UK still counts as Europe :wink: so if your installation does not work in the end, blame your Leave voters, not us …


They could be involved in the beta version. :rofl:

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Zooz sensors are also pretty good. I have a Monoprice 4-in-1 that’s just a rebranded Zooz, and it works well for me. I also have a Zooz USB stick (as do many others here).

Something to keep in mind is that a lot of Z-Wave sensors use CR123A batteries. You can get rechargeables, but they’re expensive and hard to find (at least in Canada). I’d rather just have rechargeable AAAs, even if I have to swap them on a more regular basis.

Some Zooz sensors have a USB power option. If a device like that has multiple power options it must be using the one you plan on using when it is initially included into the Z-zwave network.

I have had good experiences with the Aeotec Multisensor 6. I really like that it can be powered by a USB power adapter and I use this feature with all of my Aeotec Multisensors. This eliminates the hassle of changing batteries.