Ring 2nd Gen Motion Sensor

@chris I added another Ring sensor to the database but I’m not sure if I added the proper associations.

When I inject the XML file to the newest snapshot all I can get a read on is battery level. Everything else reports as null.

Did you use the device manual for your information source or something else?

EDIT: You did not set the Lifeline association group as controller. I just made that change.

I used the manual, but I just found a different one from zwave alliance that lays things out slightly differently. I’ll upload it to the database. I’m still new with zwave documentation and may be looking too much into this and not waiting long enough for the device to be woken up.

Z-WaveUserManual_Motion_Detector_700 (2).pdf (474.0 KB)

I just approved the entry after some minor editing.

@Bruce_Osborne and @chris thank you. I appreciate everything you guys have done to make zwave work in openHAB! If you’re ever in Alaska, I’ll have to buy you a drink.

I am here in Virginia and Chris is in the UK and moving to New Zealand. You cannot get much further away than that! :joy:

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Well, if the opportunity ever arises, I’ll cook y’all a grand dinner.

I’m actually an east coast boy by birth myself (Connecticut), but it’s much quieter up this way.

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Great! Actually I am Canadian by birth from the Toronto Ontario area.

It’s a place I’d love to go to :+1:

@Bruce_Osborne I guess you already sorted the database for this as I don’t see it in the pending review list?

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Well, I think I found why its not working… I set parameter 5 to 1 byte instead of 2.

I just submitted it for review.

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Thank you, Approved. You should see it in about a week.

Thanks again!!! I’m going to export it and give it a whirl to make sure I didn’t screw anything else up.

It seems using the procedure for 2.5 works seamlessly with 3.x just changing the file structure to OH-INF/thing//_0_0.xml. with the latest 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT.

If you cannot wait, you can grab it from the database entry. using the menu on the right.


That’s exactly what I have been doing. I’m assuming the 3.0 line is still somewhat behind and that’s okay. You guys have a lot to take care of so I figure I’ll try to get this device stable BEFORE the next 3.x release.

Now it recognizes the device but I get no data populating after a couple hours.

Attached is my debug log with it’s node highlighted. Am I missing something?

It appears @chris fixed that on Feb 14.

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