Ring Doorbell (gen2) with ring-mqtt project

Hi all,

unfortunately openHAB doesn’t come with any official Ring doorbell binding, but I was lucky to find this project on GitHub Issues · tsightler/ring-mqtt · GitHub

It uses the Ring API, this means your Ring device has to be connected to the Cloud, but a Ring protection plan / subscription is NOT required.

Long story short, using mqtt-ring openHAB will be notified when motion is detected and when someone rings the bell. Even without a Ring protection plan subscription. Eventually I use the chromecast binding to play a DingDong sound on my Google Home devices. On top openHAB sends a Telegram message with a still picture in case someone rings my doorbell (out of the box integration, image provided via mqtt topic by ring-mqtt) or if motion is detected (manual image generation via ffmpeg connecting to the rtsp stream)

Why is the latter needed? Unfortunately “low powered” devices like my doorbell gen 2 (using 8-24V AC input) don’t provide an image snapshot in case motion is detected. At least without a Ring protection plan. This means, once openHAB detects motion I have to use ffmpeg to connect to the ring-mqtt rtsp stream and generate a still image. Then I will send the image via Telegram binding. This is always delayed and very rarely (not sure how to fix) the image is scrambled (google for smearing). However, I’m happy with the result.

I’m using ring-mqtt as docker image. It was really easy to set it up.

Want to know more? Reach out :wink:

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