Roller blind 12V motor (2 wire) HW control options using MQTT

What HW is everyone using to control a 12V - 2 wire roller blind motor (link below).

What HW options are there to do this using MQTT.

Likely an ESP8266 board, to control an HBRIDGE should do the trick

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Thanks Greg,

Exactly what I was looking for.

Does anyone use a small H-Bridge board and an ESP8266 board they can share, and how they installed it around the window.

Use one SONOFF dual with one custom firmware:
One example:

Thanks that sounds easier, is there a schematic or wiring diagram anywhere for the sonoff relays, that shows how the relays are configured to reverse the motor direction.

I’m following this thread with interest. Does anybody know how much noise these ebay units make? Can you manually roll down too?

I have ordered a motor to play with, and a couple of sonoff dual’s. The motor appears to have adjustable mechanical stops top and bottom, I’ll let you know about the noise when I get it. I’ve not come across anything that allows manual operation as well as being motorised.

To drive it I’m thinking a 12V 2A power supply (depending on motor specs) switched by the sonoff, 1 relay switching the 240vac (on & off) to the 12V supply, the other relay switching 12V up / down to drive the motor.

I plan to bury everything in the wall behind a switch plate and button. I’ve being searching for a reasonably priced aesthetically pleasing button with LED, this the best I’ve come across but is still a bit pricey for what it is.

Does anyone have any other examples they would like to share.

This sonoff can drive 2 rolershutters:

The connections should be something like this:


Looking at he above it looks like there would only be 2 states driving up or driving down, and you would have to reply on the limit stops in the motor, unless ther was another device controlling it.

I’m thinking of something like this, with a 12V supply between the motor direction relay and the on/off relay.

You dont need to much complexity. only 2 relays with NC and NO are needed. The limit switch of the motor is a nice to have, but you can simulate the limit switch using one temporal based, keeping the current value safe on eeprom.


Thanks I must have missed something, I would have thought the design would need 3 states, up, down and off. I could get these with 2 relays as long as 1 is a DPDT i.e. a SPDT relay (OFF) and a DPDT replay so you can reverse polarity (up and down).

How could you achieve the off state in the example you had.

Sonoff duals arrived unfortunately they are only SPST (thats how they make them cheap :wink: ).

The plan is to jump 2 wires to the power end of 1 relay (away from 240vac) and send this to separate 5V DPDT relay to control/switch direction.

Then use the other on board relay for on/off to the 12V supply for the motor via the DPDT.

Some SONOFF examples that uses SPDT Relays:


Hello Ramon, were you able to successfully achieve up & down control of 12v DC motor using sonoff duals? Can you please share the connection diagram here. Thanks.

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Hi, The motor I received was to big for the blind tube, so I’ve been trying to source new motors of the correct diameter, for a few months. Unfortunately I never got to the test stage.

A new motor is on its way, so should be able to test in month or so. Once I have it I’ll post a diagram etc., the motor reversing will incorporate portions of the schematic above.



Hi, im want to make a window opener with the dual and the motor, I guess its basicaly the same setup as yours. From my testing I need to have the transformer and change the polarity from the transfomer to extent or retract the motor. Though after the dual I only have 12 v not the minimum of 90 v needed for the dual to operate…
Did you have any progress?

I had to put it on the back burner.

Where I’m at now is the sonoff would supply power to a transformer of appropriate voltage, this would then go to a relay that would control direction ( hopefuly one of the extra pins in sonoff), then I’d rely on the stop limits of the motor for up and down.

Later on I was going to use time in openhab to work out how far up or down it was. During the day blind would open all the way then time down. At night the blind would close then open X sec for a partial opening. The partial opening would use the stops as reference points

How strange, i was googling these motors and ended up here!
These motors are slightly to big for my blind tubes, but i managed to get them to fit an work by using a dremel (nothing major).
I have one of these motors in place and working using MQTT for control.
I’m using a arduino mega with built in wifi and 2 H-Bridge’s.

Currently working i have 1 blind (expandable to 8) with auto calibration of the blind timings via current monitoring, from which i have percentage control over the blinds level. Its not pretty as code goes but i’m willing to upload it if somebody wants it, along with the hardware used.

Please upload that would be great, the more examples and ideas the better, for future reference.

i have this controller- with this type of motor- for my roman blinds, and now i have to find a way to emulate the remote with sonoff bridge. Any ideas? Thanks!