Rollershutter - simple up/down command


This is probably a real beginners question, but I can’t seem to figure this one out.

I have an rollershutter item. Using a slider I can set how much percent the rollershutter needs to move up/down. This is working correctly.

However, in my BasicUI sitemap, I would like to implement also a simple up/down command. I thought it was possible using the parameter “switchsupport”. But when I add this in my sitemap, nothing happens. I only see the traditional slider.

My items:

Rollershutter KNX_GV_Living_Screen_9_1_0			"Screen living [%d %%]"								<rollershutter>		(gGV_Living, gScreens)		{ knx="9/1/0, 9/1/1, 9/1/5+9/1/2", autoupdate="false" }	

My sitemap:

Text item=KNX_GV_Living_Screen_9_1_0
Slider item=KNX_GV_Living_Screen_9_1_0 label="Screen living [%d %%]" switchSupport sendFrequency=400

switchsupport is I think only about distinguishing long- and short-presses

Use a Switch in the sitemap instead of the Slider. The item definition remains a rollershutter. This will give you 3 button is the ui (down, stop, up).

@LarsK: thanks! That’s what I needed to know.