Rollershutter STATE invert

Hi Guys,

i´ve problem with the STATE of my rollershutter.

100% = Shutter open
0% = Shutter closed

I´ve tried to change the wires, but no luck. Then up and down are invert.


You should post the corresponding item definitions and rules (if any) to get specific help.


ok, here you go:

 // Wohnzimmer Terrassentür
Group gInnenEGWohnzimmerRolladenTuer
Rollershutter InnenEGWohnzimmerRolladenTuerState
	"Rolladen Wohnzimmer links [(%d)]"
	{homematic="address=LEQXXXXXX, channel=1, parameter=LEVEL"}
Number InnenEGWohnzimmerRolladenTuerRSSI
	"Feldstärke am Device [%d dbm]"
	(gInnenEGWohnzimmerRolladenTuer, gSysRSSI)

At the moment i´ve no rules for this device. Only this Groups:

Group:Rollershutter:SUM	gEGWohnzimmerRolladen	(gErdgeschossRolladen)
Group:Rollershutter:SUM gErdgeschossRolladen "Alle Rolläden im EG [(%d)]" <rollershutter> (gErdgeschoss)

Okay, as I can see you already found some guys who have the same problem in the german forum, but nobody has a solution yet.

Good luck …

yes, but maybe i´ve more luck here :slight_smile:

For me your code looks good, therefore I have no idea what could be wrong …

I don’t know if i’m right, but i’m having the same problem. Seems just the problem that homematic doesn’t know the invert parameter.
Maybe it is “fixable” with the binding? Or in openhab core?