Wrong intermitent positions of rollershutter

I cannot figure out how to setup rollershutters.
I can get eighter end positions right or the intermittent:
with item setup as:

Rollershutter   R_S_W  "Roller West [%d %%]" <rollershutter>  { zwave="7:invert_state=false" }

I get:

  • 0% roller fully opened (as expected)
  • 100% roller fully closed (as expected)
  • 25% roller 3/4 closed (wrong, should be 1/4 closed)
  • 75% roller 1/4 closed (wrong, should be 3/4 closed)
    When I change setting from 25% to 75% roller goes up.

I tried the other version:

Rollershutter   R_S_W  "Roller West [%d %%]" <rollershutter>  { zwave="7:invert_state=true" } 

with reversed motor wires to match up and down arrows and I got:

  • 100% roller fully opened (wrong, should be closed)
  • 100% roller fully closed (wrong, should be opened)
  • 25% roller 1/4 closed (as expected)
  • 75% roller 1/3 closed (as expected)

In both cases icons reflect the percentage values.

I saw simmilar case with the other binding here: Rollershutter STATE invert

The z-wave binding is in version 1.8, as in 1.7 definitions for my Philio PAN08 were missing.

In the log I see entries like:

NODE 8: No converter found for item = R_S_W, endpoint = 0, ignoring event. 

Any hints?

I found the answer by trial and error:

{ zwave="7:command=SWITCH_MULTILEVEL:invert_percent=true }