Rookie questions for starting smarthome


Just starting with smart home for fun and because it sucks to pay for each remote and keep searching for the right one.

I have Somfy, Novoferm and Velux in use, and the goal would be

  1. get rid of all the remotes and get a simple control working on the smartphone just up/down or open/close.
  2. some cool stuff to play like adding sensors and/or displays

So now some questions:

  1. Is it possible to control the named devices with openHAB ?
  2. Did i get it right, that I would need a RFXtrx433XL USB HA controler 433.92 MHz Transceiver for controlling my Somfy devices ?
  3. I would like to use a rasperryPI as I have some experience with that hardware, does it make sense with the possible needed adapers for somfy / novoferm / velux ?
  4. Will i end up with 3 senders for 3 different companies and all usb ports occupied ? Isn`t there a sort of multiy purpose sender for “everything”

Thanks for every input !


Unfortunately I am not familiar with the technologies you wish to use. you can use a powered USB hub to connect multiple devices to a single port, I believe, since they are likely all low bandwidth devices.

Look at the Velux binding. It can control Somfy devices as far as I know. (I´m using it with Velux only though).

It requires a KLF200 interface.

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I am not sure if this will work with Somfy RTS ? Anyone with some experience ?

Perhaps this?
Really, searching using Google or the forum here is really not that difficult!

As i understand now, a Somfy Tahoma is an expensive bridge which i do not have, and RTS devices can be controlled by a much cheaper usb stick like ( nanoCUL USB Stick FTDI CC1101 433MHz FW 1.67 FHEM CCU / CCU2 Knick-Antenne FHEM CUL 433 + Adapter ) but i am just getting into this whole IoT thing and search for someone who already has this workling.
Never the less your right, i just fund some more informations here culfw-somfy-rts

Somfy!=Somfy, i.e. there are different pieces of hardware from Somfy which can’t interact. You have to check which standard your devices are.

Isn`t it all about the remote?
I use a RTS Somfy remote to control all my devices.

I can’t help with most of the questions except number 4. No, home automation is a massive collection of closed protocols and technologies. For the most part you will likely need different transceivers for each technology.