Room Card with status overview

full data

The room card widget provides a quick overview for many states in one room and is fully configurable.
You can use a background image and you may use a header.
Color scheme and opacity is fully configurable for the columns.

Data displayed

The widget can display up to three columns of data, each data field can and has to be configured:

  1. Humidity and illumination
  2. Current temperature, target temperature (in braces), heating & cooling state
  3. Lights state (on/off + number of lights on), windows/doors (for each open/closed + number of open), one or two blinds position, speaker state

The widget was inspired by the cards of the location tab and credits for the basic concept go to @Integer at [OH3] Main UI Examples - #22 by Integer.




Version 1.0.0

  • initial release


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