Rule that send command off to item only if item is off since 10 min

Hi, I have a little issue here. I’m trying to make a rule to turn off an item only if it’s off since 10 minutes. So I know that I need at least 2 item but to see it event better in the log I did it with 3 item. My issue is the command off is receive before the 10 minutes some time and I don’t know why

So BluetoothDom receive command OFF then send Command to StandbyDom. StandbyDom wait 10 min and if BluetoothDom still OFF he send command PresenceDom OFF…

Items :
Switch PresenceDom
Switch BluetoothDom
Switch StandbyDom

Rules :
rule "standby dom"
when Item StandbyDom received command ON
if(BluetoothDom.state==OFF) {
sendCommand(PresenceDom, OFF)


rule "bluetooth Dom"
when Item BluetoothDom command OFF


		 sendCommand(standbydom, ON)

Or maybe some one have a better idea of what I can do ?


You might have several copies of your rule running, all at different periods in their sleep part.

For a ten minute period, you are probably better off using a timer. Ideas in here

I would go for the expire binding myself. Leads to a lot cleaner code and it is very simple to use