Rule to trigger presence with motion detectors

i have some motion detectors (knx presence detectors) installed in my house.

I have an openhab switch, which gets a “on” if the motion detector detects motion in the room. But that´s all. No more updates…

So my switch is getting command “on” and the switch stays “on” all the time. No more change back to off.

Now i want to have a rule which makes this more usable. Are there any ideas how i can trigger real motion/presence in the room? My knx presence detectors can be configured, so maybe i can configure something which can help? maybe send “on” every few seconds, if presence is detectet? If i configure a short intervall, this may be usefull for the rule?

The typical approach is to have a rule that triggers when the motion detector receives and ON. Then create a Timer for a certain period of time (e.g. five minutes). While the Timer is running reschedule it on subsequent motion detector events. When the timer expires set the switch to OFF.

I posted a more comprehensive explanation here: