Running Visual Code Studio in Linux


I’ve just seen this article, does it make sense to anyone?

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Don’t like MS, but many talk of vscode’s openHAB extension to make editing easier, so I’ve installed it and will try that. Thanks for the heads-up.

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Well, if using ubuntu with snap, you can use snap to install, but there is a GNU/Linux package ready to download.
In fact, as most desktops are with Windows or MacOS, it’s nice that you can use whatever OS you want :slight_smile:


Since the OH extension, I’ve used Visual Code Studio on a Linux Mint, Kali, Ubuntu, and Puppy Lite box with no issue.

I run VSCode in Linux. I even run it on my Chromebook. My only complaint there is there isn’t a way to share the samba share where the live configs live with the Linux container running on the Chromebook. But I have everything in git so I just use push/pull to deploy my changes.

The article is just that VSCode is now available as a snap instead of a “standard” package for apt or yum. Snap is an alternative to apt. Applications that are installed as a snap are a little more isolated from other apps compared to regularly installed apps because they are installed as a container, kind of like Docker containers, and come with everything needed to run the app without relying on system libraries. This makes the apps easier to update/upgrade/install/remove without accidentally messing up other apps on the same system.

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yeah, I totally use VSCode on my Debian installation, it is my editor of choice. I installed it when I installed OpenHAB using the docs maybe 6-7 months ago? Couldn’t figure out what this thread was on about.

I just never seem to get the user defined stuff to work in VSC so it’s always throwing errors about connecting to the server but it still works a treat. I have it on my Win8 laptop as well but use the one on the linux box anyhow.