Samsung M series (2017) supported?


I’m looking for a new TV and I’d like to choose one with a good integration with OH.
And by good integration I mean a two-way communication between the TV and OH.
I have an older Samsung (B series) that I control using an IR emitter and lirc and I’d like to retire it and get a new one…
Does anybody know if the Samsung binding works with the new 2017 models (M series)?
I would love something like LG webOS binding to control it.
In fact, based on that binding, I bought a LG U701 (or smth), but I had to get a refund and I lost trust in LG. After only 3 days, the image started blinking, not only on Live TV, but even in menus or other sources.
Anyway, back to the question…
Is there someone using Samsung M with OH and having two-way comunication with it?


Well, maybe someone can recommend another brand?

Hi Mihai I’m using openHab 2 latest dist. and a Samsung UE32M5590 LED TV in the bedroom and currently the Samsung TV Binding finds the TV but no controls are currently working - I believe there is an isue with the current binding though that is being worked on.

See discussion here.

It pushed me to start using my Harmony HUB instead.
My Samsung 2015 TV cannot be turned ON from Ethernet.
Unsure how that is with newer models.
Apparently it did support WOL at one point, but a TV Firmware update broke that.

Same here with a Samsung UE50RU7179 from this year. :frowning: