Satel binding - support, announcements and feature requests

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Thanks, but this is actually bug in the code. I was doing changes over and over to meet various requirements before the code could be merged and I made a mistake. Now I am not sure what to do - leave the code and correct docs or maybe fix it in the code, but all binding users would have to change their configs. :frowning:

This is weird indeed. I would recomend to make a clean restart or even look into jsondb to check if there is something wrong.

The easiest way is work with PaperUI - define your bridge thing and the rest things are discovered automagically.

Well… this is a clean restart… :frowning:

But hey, the good news is, that something went thru the bottle neck, and finally everything looks to be okay.
I don’t know if it was another reboot, or adding one of the zones thru PaperUI, but suddenly everything is online and green.

That’s the magic I’m afraid of… :smiley:

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I hope from now on everything will work as expected. :slight_smile:
Anyway if there is still anything I can help with, just let me know.

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@druciak Thank you so much for your patience! :slight_smile: Dzięki! :slight_smile:

I installed for the first time the Satel Binding.
Everything seems to work well but I have a question: Is it not possible to have the zone’s battery level item?
Thank you very much for your great job!!!

Hi @lucarui
integration protocol does not support reading battery level. The only information provided is low battery signal. So you don’t know what the level is, but you know when the level is low.
This is however not supported, unfortunately. It was implemented in version 1.x, but I decided to not add this to 2.x, as I haven’t had any feedback about this feature.

Do you think to add it in the future? The low battery signal I mean.
Thank you for your job!

Yes, if you are interested. I just need a little spare time. :slight_smile:

Yes, It would be great!!! :slight_smile:

Ok, adding to my list. :slight_smile:


Hi Druciak, Thank you for your good work with this binding. Is it also possible to get all states of the zone on 1 item? For example, that zone 1 is a string that gives me the current status of this zone? That way I can work with mappings and not with different items per zone. Please let me know.

This would be hard to implement and would add a lot of network traffic. Why do you need such thing?

I can then use the openhab as a gateway to another visualization package which can then visualize this nicer.

You could build such composite status in a rule and additional String item. Such feature just does not fit into ESH idea of things and their channels.

OK thanks for your answer.
I would think that it is much better for everyone if you immediately have the status of your zone.
Do you have any idea how to make this rule?

You are the first person proposing such feature, so I think it would not be useful for many users. I don’t need such feature either.

I guess you have now several items with various states of your zone. When any of them changes its state, it triggers a rule that builds composite state out of current state for all these items. You could use groups for this purpose as well.

I have built a new version of the binding and uploaded it to the Marketplace. In this release “description” channel of Event Log thing has been splitted out into two channels: “description” with event text and “details” with list of related objects (partitions, zones, users, etc).

Please have a look and if there are no issues, I will create a pull request, so event log changes can be merged into master.

I did not have time yet to migrate, however I am very thankful for you work @druciak. Well done! I think this binding have quite big chance to become one of most popular on polish market!

I have one question - Satel sells some elements with “digital” (whatever it means) inputs. I think I saw somewhere a radio contract which been reporting also a temperature (?). Not sure if I’m not messing that with something else. However, my main question (as I lost password to check via DLOADX) - is it even possible to have anything else than outputs on satel alarm?

Kind regards,

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Hey @splatch
I am not sure what you’re talking about, but for sure there are more things than just output supported by the binding. I encourage you to read the docs, especially examples - I tried to cover all thing types in there.

Hi Druciak.
Is it possible to implement the door controller like the INT-R. I would like to open the door.