Satel - connection to more than one alarm system

Is it possible to connect to more than one Satel alarm system, how to do it ?

currently this is not possible, but will be in OH2 binding. However nobody knows when it will be available… :wink:

I hope that it will be soon :slight_smile: , so the only solution for now is to build second OH2 system just for another connection to Satel alarm system.

That’s right. Regarding OH2 version of the binding I believe it will happen this year :slight_smile:

Initial version is wating for approval:

Is it possible to try it ? How to do it ?

Download this:
and put into “addons” folder.

OK. How to add another Satel alarm system ? OK, I just added new thing I can add ETHM-1 once and then I can add another ETHM-1 , so it seems to be fine but I have uninitialized status.

I had to run new openHAB server because I couldn’t uninstall previous Satel binding, when I started from fresh installation it works well :slight_smile:

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Now I have connection to two Satel systems and I can make a lot interactions between them and OpenHAB. This is great :slight_smile:
But there is one limitation, I can not arm two partitions in the same Satel system, it is because I use password in a thing ETHM-1/Ethernet communication module and it is limited to control only one partition, I can not make another thing ETHM-1 to connect with the same Satel system with other password because there is limit in Satel system for simultaneous connections, only one is possible at same time, maybe there is some workaround, that I can connect and simulate pushing button on keypad of the Satel system? It will make possible to introduce code for Satel system to arm the other partition .

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If I understand you correctly, you have two partitions and separate users for each. Please confirm.
To solve your issue, you need a dedicated user for openHAB, as it is described in the wiki (does anybody read the wiki?) with access to both partitions. That’s it.

Maybe it will be easier to use polish names for Satel structure, I can add user only to one “partycja” (it is not the same as partiotion in OpenHAB meaning which is “strefa”) so I can control only one “partycja” by my the same user. Am I right ?
So when I want to arm remotely two partition (“partycje”) I use dloadx to connect to Satel and then I use “virtual LCD screen” to send code (password) for one user to one partiotion and the second user password to arm second “partycja”. When I want to do the same by OpenHAB I can connect and arm only one “partycja”.

Okey, we have “objects” - in polish 'Partycja", “partition” - “strefa”. I don’t have access to DloadX right now, but I believe you give access users to partitions (strefa), but each partition belongs to an object (partycja).

So basically you need give access to all partitions you need access to. This way you also give access to required objects.
Object (partycja) just groups partitions logically, actually you cannot control (arm, disarm, etc) it directly, you control partitions (strefy) that belong to some object.

So I was wrong. I just checked how it looks in DloadX and unfortunately you must select an object when creating new user. Definitely you cannot control more objects using just one user. This is the bad news.

The good news is that I am planning to introduce a channel in the system thing to override configured user code, exactly as it is done in OH1 version of the binding. This is not yet done and even not started, but should not be a big problem (I hope).

On the other hand I am curious how big is your system? You have multiple mainboard with multiple objects configured on each main board - really impressive :slight_smile:

Hi @greg161,
I added mentioned channel to “System” thing. Here’s the artifact:

You can check “Full example” section to see how it works:

Let me know if it solves your issue.

Now I can see new Item like user_code . So now I can change this value to achieve connection to alarm system as different user ? For example I have password 0000 for user A and 5555 for user B, so when I change value of item user_code to 0000 I am recognized by Satel as the user A, when I change it to 5555 I am recognized as the user B ?

Yes, that’s correct. At least it should work that way :wink:

Witam, od dłuzszego czasu chce podłączyc sie do centralki satel. Mam problem z połączeniem i nie mogę dać sobie z tym rady. Jak należy skonfigurować samą centrale ? Czy mam ustawić kod szyfrowania ?

Pierwsze pytanie to czy wogóle potrafisz się połączyć z centralą po IP np. poprzez program DLOADX - pozycja TCP/IP:DLOADX -> ETHM ?
Następnie czy w ustawieniach sprzętu ETHM-1 zaznaczyłeś opcję Integracja i jaki numer portu (domyślnie jest 7094) wybrany jest dla tej opcji. Na początek nie zaznaczałbym opcji kodowania dopóki nie uzyskasz połączenia z centralą bez kodowania.

Czesc, tak mogę sie połączyć programem z komputera TCP/IP:DLOADX -> ETHM, mam też zaznaczoną opcje integracja na standardowym porcie. Zastanawia mnie tylko czy w ustawieniach dloadx w sekcji ETHM mam również ustawione IP komputera z którego się łącze z centralką i czy to się nie gryzie ze sobą