Satelite decoder

I have a Satelite Decoder (Philips DSR 7141), it does not have lan connection, only satlite cable in and hdmi out.
Does anyone have an idea how to get the channel nr in the system.
Maybe through hdmi or like a sort analog reading of the display ?


People do this sort of thing with a RPi camera or web camera and OpenCV. But it is going to require a good deal of research and effort to get to the point where it can recognize the digits on the display.

Typically HDMI is encrypted so you are not likely to get much through that or if you are, it means that some things that require HDCP will not play. But even then I doubt the channel that the decoder is tuned to would be transmitted through HDMI. The TV has no use for such information.

A lot of these decoders have a serial connection on the back which might be useful for this, though you will have to reverse engineer the commands or find someone who has done so and posted some scripts to github or the like.


I got sent this link by a friend a few days ago, but it might be a major overkill for this application.

I think the serial port route might be more cost effective.

You could hack into the wires that go to the display and read these with an ESP to decode and send to OH via MQTT

Would it be possible to ‘read’ the digits with a Rpi + camera and mqtt this to openhab ?

As @rlkoshak mentioned above, yes it is possible

Yes he dd. Sorry did not read good.
I found a project online that can read digits with a zero and a camera. Will take a look at that.