Scanning for things: Z-Wave option no longer shows up

I am having an issue with the Z-Wave binding.
I am currently on OpenHAB 3.4, M2, runing on a RespberryPi 3 using the Openhabian Distro.

My issue: I can no longer add (scan for) Z-Wave devices. Because: In the UI, when clicking the “Plus” Button, Z-Wave no longer shows up as an option.

The issue started: A few weeks ago, when I still was on OpenHab 3.3. Back then, trying to sort out another issue with some of my z-wave devices, I removed the 3.3 version of the Z-Wave Binding, replacing it with the latest Snapshot version.
This did solve the issue I was trying to fix at the time, but since then, "Z-Wave2 no longer showed up.
Bejfore I now upgraded the entire Openhab System to 3.4 M2, I deleted the Snapshot Version of the Z-Wave Binding. then, I upgraded an re-installed the Z-Wave Binding using the UI.
However, the scanning option did not come back. Neither do the Log Files show any errors.

Could anyone give me any pointers to what I could try to solve this?

Please look:


Thanks a lot! I found the solution in there.