Searching for/willing to create a general energy control binding/add on

Hi there,

i did already get somehow familiar with openhab.
Integrating rollershutters/shellys/homematic and so on to a simple setup.

since i am pretty interested and as a background software engineer… i started searching for a general energy control add on.

so the idea is that i was able to find dishwashers/dryers/pool heat/water storage/you name it… to be run at a certain time/energy source.

if you put a sort of judgement on the source/sink (time/energy/price/priority) the add on would be able to turn on or off/regulate the power.
A step further would be that all sorts of devices/bindings/things could be integrated and then controlled.

i already went through the complete add on/marketplace but i could not find “a general” version.
Maybe i am too naive, but on a high level this should not be too hard to create.
i am also thinking dont overcomplicate the stuff and 5-10 devices is like the max i would like to control, since more than that is too much.

if i was too blind to see… i would be greatful to look at the existing add on.

I don’t think nothing is out there except this

i thought more open source… but yes that sounds like what i was looking for.

i will look into it. but the open source approach is still in my head :wink:

There’s also this issue which may interest you:

Super interesting!
i will read through that tonight!

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