Searching for/willing to create a general energy control binding/add on

Hi there,

i did already get somehow familiar with openhab.
Integrating rollershutters/shellys/homematic and so on to a simple setup.

since i am pretty interested and as a background software engineer… i started searching for a general energy control add on.

so the idea is that i was able to find dishwashers/dryers/pool heat/water storage/you name it… to be run at a certain time/energy source.

if you put a sort of judgement on the source/sink (time/energy/price/priority) the add on would be able to turn on or off/regulate the power.
A step further would be that all sorts of devices/bindings/things could be integrated and then controlled.

i already went through the complete add on/marketplace but i could not find “a general” version.
Maybe i am too naive, but on a high level this should not be too hard to create.
i am also thinking dont overcomplicate the stuff and 5-10 devices is like the max i would like to control, since more than that is too much.

if i was too blind to see… i would be greatful to look at the existing add on.

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I don’t think nothing is out there except this

i thought more open source… but yes that sounds like what i was looking for.

i will look into it. but the open source approach is still in my head :wink:

There’s also this issue which may interest you:

Super interesting!
i will read through that tonight!

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FWIW, in Germany there’s regulatory changes and ongoing discussions about §14a EnWG.
This is about how a grid provider can tell large consumers like heat pumps and EVs to dim or shut off.
Households to implement this capability will get a grid cost discount on the order of 100-200€/a.

There will be be a IP based protocol specification, and not surprisingly, the current favourite is EEBus.
(also be … remember this is the VDE electric engineers doing that, for them it’s only a secondary option, the primary being to put some hardware box on every site).
EEBus is not in widespread use but has at least been implemented in a number of systems such as Volkswagen chargers, Vaillant heat pumps and SMA solar inverters.
It’s also implemented in EVCC which is an Open Source EV chargeing software IIRC written in Go.

Long story short, are you @subbamaggus1 or anyone else willing to have a shot at an EEBus implementation?

There already is an eBus binding created by a community member: GitHub - csowada/openhab-ebus-binding: This is the new repository for my openHAB eBUS binding..
It should probably become a part of the official add-ons …

By the way the discounts sounds quite interesting, thanks for the info.

i am in the middle of a move (private issue) and working on compiling the sources. (still struggling with it.)
Since i do not have an EV/HP/PV it will be a little overhead to solve.

But i am still interested in implementing something like that!
Nothing short hand though. sorry :frowning:

EEBus, not eBus :wink:

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