Searching for z-wave smoke detector

Hi everybody,
currently I‘m looking for z-wave smoke detectors. Which one do you use?
How is your experience with them (especially false alarms)?
Thank you!


I use 5 of Popp 004001. But I cannot recommend it.


  • The battery lasts only 8-9 month.
  • Every battery change leads to beeping of all detectors.
  • The battery level stays 100% all the time, only a few seconds before the battery is empty, then 0% is shown!
  • Maximum nodes in “Association Groups”: 4


  • Only one false alarm of one detector within 19 month.
  • Possibility of external power supply!
  • It has a separate siren function that can be used for other alarms. (That’s why I initially bought it.)
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There are many different models in Chris Jacksons Z-Wave database:

Manufacturer/Vendor/Brand─ Label/Model/Name Description─────────────── Version─(Min)─ Category─────
BRK Brands, Inc. (First Alert) ZCOMBO Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm All Smoke Detector
BRK Brands, Inc. (First Alert) ZSMOKE Smoke Alarm All Smoke Detector
Devolo 09813 Home Control Smoke Detector All Smoke Detector
D-Link DCH-Z310 Smoke Detector All Smoke Detector
Everspring SF812 Smoke Sensor All Smoke Detector
Fibargroup FGSD002 Smoke Detector All after 3.2 Smoke Detector
Fibargroup FGSD002 Smoke Detector All up to 3.1 Smoke Detector
Fibargroup FGSS001 Smoke Sensor All Smoke Detector
Fireangle ZST-630 Thermoptek Smoke Alarm/Smoke Detector All Smoke Detector
Heiman Technology Co. Ltd HS1SA-Z Smart Smoke Detector All Smoke Detector
Kaipule Technology Co., Ltd. ES-61 Smoke Sensor All up to 5.255 Smoke Detector
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-A100-SK Smoke Detector All
Popp & Co 004001 Smoke Detector and Siren All Smoke Detector
Popp & Co 009402 10 Year Smoke Detector All after 1.14 Smoke Detector
Popp & Co 009402 10 Year Smoke Detector with Siren Function All up to 1.1 Smoke Detector
Shenzhen iSurpass Technology Co. ,Ltd Smoke Detector Carbon monoxide detector, smoke detector All Smoke Detector
UFairy G.R. Tech TP-807ZG Smoke + Carbon Monoxide + Natural Liquefied Gas Leak Detector All Sensor
Vision Security ZS6101 Smoke Detector All Smoke Detector
Zipato HS1SA Smoke Detector All Smoke Detector
Zipato PH-PSG01 Smoke Sensor All Smoke Detector

But I have no experience with other models than “Popp 004001”.

I have the ZCOMBO, but I can’t recommend it. The one I have is terribly unreliable. It actually dropped itself out of my zwave network. I couldn’t figure out why it went OFFLINE, only discover is no longer thought it was part of my network. Not exactly the type of reliability I was expecting from this type of device. The one I bought (thankfully I only bought one) is now in the trash.

I’ll second Mark’s assessment. I have ZCOMBOs too and don’t recommend them. Mine have been pretty reliable but their capabilities are too basic. You pretty much only get a heartbeat and an alert when there is an alarm (but not which alarm, smoke or CO). And you can’t link them together (well technically I suppose you might if you change the association Group to something other than the controller but then the controller won’t get the alarms and therefore OH won’t).

Unfortunately, I have three of them and since they have been reliable enough for me thus far I can’t justify the expense for replacing them just yet. I’ll have to see if I am willing to wait the six years until they should be replaced to move to something better.

I have in total 9 Fibaro Smoke Detectors. Some of them quite far away from the controller (2 floors, concrete ceiling, not active Zwave devices in between). No false alarm so far.
I have had to exchange the battery once so far after almost two years.

If you ask me, i would recommend them. And they look quit nice:

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Thank you for your answers!
Its still a hard desicion :wink:
My colleague is using a few fibaros (version 1 and 2) and they worked fine for the first eleven month. Now they have periodically false alarms.
I had a look on the heiman detectors. But seems they are currently not avaiable in germany. But the abus, which are identical to the heimans would be.
I think I will give it a try :wink:

I had Fibaros. They had a lot of single beeps. I did not found a solution. Now I am testing the Heiman. Not so much Sensors (only smoke) but no single beeps anymore (especially in the middle of the night). :wink:

The Zipato ones are also Heimans, you get get them easily in Germany. I’d recommend to get them directly from Alibaba to Germany though. The original ones don’t work with the Zipabox as this requires some special Zipato firmware, one of the reasons I’m thinking of decommissioning my Zipabox and moving my zwave network to openhab. Might be the same with Abus… My Heimans are currently unused as I dont get them fully working with the Zipabox and am not using zwave on openhab right now.

Hi Oliver,

Which smoke detector did you finally buy and what is the verdict so far?


Hi Mario,
I wanted to buy the heiman zwave smoke detectors, but I found no dealer in germany. But I’ve seen that the Abus SHRM10000 are identical to the heimans. Finally I baught seven of them, about five month ago.
Until today I had no false alarm and the battery states where reported periodically.
So my conclusion: I can definitely recommend them.

Do the Abus SHRM10000 show as zipato HS1SA in openhab (i.e., are they in the database)?
I did not find them as Abus SHRM10000 in the database.

No, they will be shown as Abus SHRM10000.
I had created the database entry:

Ah, okay, thanks.
I was only globally searching for “abus” (not via manufacturer) and it only resulted in one entry “SHLM10010”.
Searching via manufacturer shows all abus entries.

Hey Oliver!

Did you got some of these First Alert ZCombo-G?

I have some but i have problems to connect the device to the SmartThings in Germany. It would be great if you have some cheats for me.



I use three of these (Heiman HS1SA-Z ) and work fine with openHAB .i bought them in The Netherlands for 32 euro a piece.

Hey Sven,
first of all, I want welcome you to openab community!

Nope, I baught seven Abus SHRM10000, which are identical to the Heimans.

Seems they where not yet added to the z-wave device database for this reason they where not recognized by openhab.

You can find the device database and also a description, how to add devices to the database at