Seeking Guidance with my OpenHAB2 installation

Hello everyone, i’m rather new to openhab and i’d like some guidance as to where i went wrong ,
I’ve installed openhab2 on my Pi and it seems to be “working” however i hasn’t detected anything i have at home

i have a 2 tplink outlets one with power measurement, 1 tplink color bulb
1 tuyasmart outlet and 2 bulbs, i have a wink(ver1) hub with 2 door sensors and
a motion/temperature sensor, 2 bulbs and i also have amazon echo dot, everything works with alexa
well but my openhab2 installation doesn’t see any of them…

where have i gone wrong ?

Thanks in advance…

You need to install the binding for each type of device you want to integrate with OpenHAB in order to communicate with them.

There is no official binding for TP-Link yet, but it looks like there is some working being done. You might check out this thread.

I’ve never heard of Tuya before, but a quick search indicates it is possible to flash the bulbs with custom firmware to enable MQTT support.

Thanks you for the reply, i had installed many bindings in hopes something would have shown up,
guess i’ll have to wait and keep checking back for updates and more bindings. thanks again for the reply.

Check out my scripts at It has instructions on getting your tuya switch working with openhab.