Selection items with mappings in NEW OH3 UI

Hello everyone,

first of all i would like to give a feedback to the new UI: I think its a great idea to create a new UI with a fresh design an “more” options. But… the learning curve is really steep for a normal user ( not beginner ). So far that its getting pretty frustrating.

I would like if the normal widgets have more options for costumizations without the need to programm a whole widget on myself.


My reason for posting is that i cant figure out how to create sth. like a selection item like in the old basic ui. So 2 or more buttons clickcable for the same text item.

I cant believe there is no option to do that in the UI? Please show me the way how to do.

At least i want to give a big thank you to the programmers who spend their time on this project.

Like this

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Thanks. Helps alot.

You should be able to do this without having to create your own widget.

In your Item:

  • Click Add Metadata
  • Click State Description
  • In the Options field set out your options. For example, for a Number Item:

Once saved, clicking on the Item’s widget in the UI should then show a selection list.

It is a bit different than the mappings parameter in a Sitemap. And if you want clickable buttons rather than a list to select from (you kind of mention both) then I think you will have to create your own widget.


Ohh interesting. Also thanks alot. Seems to work for now