Selection with mappings in a page

In my old OpenHab 2 sitemap I had a dropdown that allowed me to select the input channel of a Denon receiver. Similar to what’s described on the Denon binding page:

Selection item=marantz_input     mappings=[TV=TV,MPLAY=Kodi]  visibility=[marantz_power==ON]

I’m now trying to create something similar in an OpenHab3 page.
I’ve found a topic about something similar, however that only seems to talk about the item itself and not how to visualize that in a page.
I’ve added the metadata to the item and when looking at the item configuration I can indeed click on the label and a dropdown appears with all the options as specified.
Also clicking on an item in that list changes the input on my receiver, so this is exactly what I want to achieve.
However, I have no clue on how to get this item working like this on a page.
If I add a label card I do see the mapped value, but clicking on the label does not open a dropdown.

Does anyone know how to achieve this?


In the card or cell, select Action and choose Command Options:

It should use the mappings you set up in Metadata, or you can add mappings under Command Options:

The popup will come from the bottom of the screen (as it does in the item view area).

That works exactly like I want it to work.

Pressing on TV in the screenshot opens the dropdown in the bottom of the screenshot:

Of course. There all also selection widgets like this one Link (different application but same the same function) that would eliminate the need for a pop up.

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