Self hosted Broadlink device control - request binding setup

I recently came across this youtube video from Tim and I think its awesome.

I especially like the fact that it can be done with a docker container installation AND of course, it being self hosted.
Am hopeful someone builds a binding for our very own Openhab

I use this

Does this bridge still require the Broadlink devices to send signals back to China?

I don’t know its just a script with low overhead that I run on my rpi3. Don’t want the overhead of running docker on it. The one you posted is BL to HTTP Web API. The one I use is BL to MQTT and I use MQTT for other things as well like TASMOTA.

Its just different and I assume if Braudlink wants to know when I use a remote to turns the light off they can. You may not need an account for them to control your devices.

You can always get an ESP8266 and a couple of led’s and run tasmota if you are worried about the China cloud.


I use another broadlink to MQTT script, outlined here. It definitely does not phone home.

Do you mean this?

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Awesome! Thank you