Semantic Model suddenly empty

Resurrecting this topic Semantic Model suddenly empty in openHAB 4.0.1 UI because it is still very much an issue.

I am running Openhabian 4.0.3 on a 2GB Pi 4 and having built my semantic model I have been adding things and items when suddenly the model disappears on a restart. The items are there, they are just not recognised as being part of the semantic model. Deleting every single item (I have pretty much all of them configured in files) doesn’t make any difference and even limiting my semantic model to a single “House” item doesn’t help. It appears as an item but the model page in settings gives me the “Start modelling your home” message.

I use Firefox and I have just wasted a day trying to work out why my semantic model had disappeared when I came across the above topic. If I switch to Chrome, there’s my model.

Can someone fix this or alternatively let people know that configuration does not work on Firefox? No idea whether this is a Foirefox issue or an Openhab issue.

  • Platform information:
    • RPi 4 rev 1.2 2GB
    • Raspbian 4.0.3 on Bullseye
    • Java Runtime Environment: 17
    • openHAB version:4.0.3

There is an issue open and it’s mentioned all over the place on the forum that there is a caching issue with Firefox. I’m not certain what else can be done. It’s being worked.

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OK thanks Rich. Not sure it’s all over the place. It took me quite a while to find it. Hopefully this will help too to avoid others racking their brains as to why everything suddenly doesn’t work.

I have just updated OH from 3.5 to 4.0.3 and the models disapeared on Vivaldi browser (Chrome based). Consequently, the sites, equipments and properties disapeared from the UI.
Hopping there is a way to recover everything.

Not too many use Vivaldi but given it’s chromium based I suspect it wouldn’t have the same problems as Firefox.

Do you see anything in the logs?

Thing that can cause problems with the model:

  • starting the name of an Item with a number
  • having an Item that shows up in more than one place in the model; the model is to represent the physical layout of your home automation and a device cannot be in two different locations at the same time

OH 4 is more strict about checking for these errors.

Mine disappeared again and it disappeared whether I used Firefox, Chrome or (ugh!) Edge.

But… I did start to see some messages in the log about circular item definitions, where items were both parent and child of another item (I was trying to create helpful equipment items that appeared in different parts of the model but I’m going to have to rethink that). Took some headscratching to get rid of those but once I did I haven’t had a problem (fingers crossed).