Sending messages into OH2


I am using successfully Telegram to get messages from OH2.
Is there a way to do it the other way around?

I would like to send a text message to OH2 which should be spoken by OH2, my wall mounted tablet (or even Alexa - which is obviously not possible yet).
Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

It should be easy to use like SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

I can think of very roundabout ways to do this but nothing straight forward.

Your best bet is probably to use IFTTT and use the Telegram channel and the openHAB channel. You should be able to forward the message to a String Item and then take it from there in OH with Rules.

Thanks, Rich (again :slight_smile: )

I did not use IFTTT yet, but will check it out.

Now that there’s Alexa able to speak via TTS, I would like to revive this topic.

Especially because OH 2.3 ist out I hope that there might be another option than with ifttt.

Use node-red and telegram
Use a telegram node to receive a message and pass it into an OH item with an OH node.
On the tablet, use HABpanel and this option:


I haven’t seen that one on HABPanel, I’m using a “TextBox” control in which I type the senrence that is used by the TTS. Works super, gets the kids up for breakfast :wink:

How about the Telegram Binding itself.
It uses a bot for sending out texts.
Shouldn’t it be possible to receive texts as well?

It’s not a binding. It’s an action only for outbound messages.