Message Board or other dynamic lists/text possible in Habpanel?

Hi all,

I was searching the forum and internet but couldn’t find any useful information yet.
Since I want to use Habpanel to replace our kitchen board which we use for post its, telephone numbers, trash calendar etc. I wanted to know if it is possible to have a dynamic text field in Habpanel, where I can send text or list items from mobile phone.
I am using the “5 upcoming events” widget already for the trash calendar. Would be nice to have something like this for generic text, use cases could be:

  • shopping list
  • telephone numbers
  • notes for other family members
  • phrase of the day :slight_smile:

Came across this Wunderlist workaround

and also this discussion is good, to send Telegram to OH

Any other recommendations would be great!!

Thanks in advance

All your use cases can be done with a custom widget.

Bound to a String Item that contains a delimited string or an array of strings in JSON format.

This is a simple template widget

Even a dummy widget will work

See above

Heck I even show who’s calling and the last 10 landline phone calls :slight_smile: