Setpoint Number Clarification

hi all, working back through some of my old files to build out a new build on OH3 but running into a snag. I guess some documentation on my end would have helped but here I am.

This is what I had as an item, I did change it a bit so it would fit within the the new build

Number RightFan_Thermostat_SP_F "Set Point [%.1f]" { mqtt=">[broker:cmnd/sonoff-00th161/POWER:command:*:default]" }

Then I would do a rule like this

rule "mechanical rules"
    Item tower_greenhouse_FrontTemperature changed

	//Right Fan	
    if (tower_greenhouse_FrontTemperature.state >= RightFan_Thermostat_SP_F.state) {
    } else { 

Then sitemap

Setpoint item=RightFan_Thermostat_SP_F label="Right Fan Temp [%.0f °F]" icon="heating" step=1

My question is, what is the mqtt statement referencing in the item? Seems odd that its referencing power? I’m missing something. I cant test that since its from an old install that does not exist anymore.

In any case, in oh3, how would I create that number?


You told it to transmit a command to that MQTT Topic.
The syntax that you used is described here

In OH3, you would use the MQTT Things & channels binding to reproduce the action

General process here

Thanks for the feedback. I have no idea why it had the mqtt component to the setpoint. I took it out and everything is running fine.

Number RightFan_Thermostat_SP_F "Set Point [%.1f]"