Setting an Item Sitemap Label using a Meta Property?

Items can have custom labels on sitemaps by using the label property. This works well, no issues whatsoever.

Using the GUI in OH3, is it currently possible to add a meta property to an item that is just a custom label for that item on the sitemap?

I’m looking for a way to add a custom label to a single item in a group, without editing the sitemap.

Lazy, I know, but if the functionality does not exist yet it seems like it could be handy for those of us with large sitemaps. It’d certainly make custom sitemap labels easy to manage on mobile.

Assuming you are in fact referring to sitemaps and not MainUI then the answer is no. Sitemaps are basic and simple by design.

And it’s not clear what you are asking for. You want a way to define a label for an Item in metadata instead of using the Item’s label field or the sitemap’s label field? I don’t see how that makes anything any easier. It just moves the problem to a different and less obvious place.

If this is what you are really looking for then don’t define the label on the sitemap and define the label on the Item.

That’s the way it’s always worked.

But if you want to have a different label for the Item and the Sitemap and you want to change the sitemap’s label without changing the sitemap then you can’t get there from here.

I think perhaps we’re on this trail again

Definitely referring to sitemaps. I had figured this wasn’t possible. No biggy, I was just being lazy and didn’t want to edit a sitemap from my phone.

I migrated all of my items/things to OH3 a while back and simplified my sitemap afterwards.

Now I’m messing with Mycroft and the OH skill. Since it is utilizing the REST API, it mostly still works. It requires items be tagged and also that the label property be the exact name of the item. I.E. “Power” must now become “Living room TV”. This messes with my sitemap Groups so some nested items need new labels, making my sitemap a tad messier again.

My hope was that I could define a Meta property for that one item in the group that needs a new label and have the sitemap look at that property when assigning a label; If label_X exists in Item Meta properties, use label_X, otherwise default label behaviour.

Editing a sitemap on my phone/tablet is not fun. Scrolling doesn’t seem to work. Editing Meta properties is really easy. That’s the only inspiration behind asking!

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