Settings for remote control KFOB-C

I try to get my KFOB-C remote in operation. I want to use it in a rule. Therefore I have set the parameter 11 … 14 = 4 (send scenes).
Now I need the right snippet for the Item.
Within the manual I found the following:

Scene activation in IP gateway (parameter 11…14 = 4).
If configured correctly the buttons can trigger a scene in
a gateway. The scene number triggered is a combination of the group number and the action performed on the
button and has a
lways two digits. The group number defines the upper digit of the scene number, the action the
lower digit.

The following actions are possible:
1 On | 2 = Off | 3 = Dim Up Start | 4 = Dim Down Start | 5 = Dim Up Stop | 6 = Dim Down Stop

Example: Clicking /double clicking the button will issue scene triggers, scene 11 (button 1 click, event on), scene
12 (button double click 1, event off, single button control is used in this example)

I tried this here but without any success:

Switch KF1_B1Short "KFOB Short Button 1" <switch>  (fernbedienung) {zwave="38:command=scene_activation,scene=11"}
Switch KF1_B2Short "KFOB Short Button 2" <switch>  (fernbedienung) {zwave="38:command=scene_activation,scene=21"}
Switch KF1_B3Short "KFOB Short Button 3" <switch>  (fernbedienung) {zwave="38:command=scene_activation,scene=31"}
Switch KF1_B4Short "KFOB Short Button 4" <switch>  (fernbedienung) {zwave="38:command=scene_activation,scene=41"}

Can someone give me a hint.
I need the single press on button 1, 2, 3 and 4 in my Items to use it in a rule.

I don’t have the KFOB-C, but was able to make another remote working with a debug log:
Switch to debug, press the buttons once and then read the scene number and/or state number:

Thanks for this reply. Unfortunately I can’t run the I get on my Raspi always this note:

openhab@raspberrypi:/etc/openhab$ ./
find: “server”: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
Launching the openHAB runtime in debug mode…
Unrecognized option: -console
Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.

I updated the system but the failure remains. Did I made a mistake?

Hmm, it looks like you did an apt-get install, so there is no
In this case open the file /etc/default/openhab and change the last line from
DEBUG=no to
then restart openHAB or restart the Pi.