Shelly 2.5 Rollershutter with Alexa V3 over OpenHAB 2.5

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2
    • OS: Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)
    • openHAB version: openHAB 2.5.0-1 (Release Build)
  • Issue of the topic:

I use a Shelly 2.5 with original firmware to controll my rollershutter.
Its a rollershutter with driving “down” it closes the flaps, and with driving “up” it opens the flaps.
The Shelly firmware doesnt support to “open/close” the rollershutter.
I wanted to use this feature with the Alexa supported by OpenHAB.
i tried this sample:

Rollershutter Rollo "Wohnzimmer, Fenster Couch" {alexa="RangeController.rangeValue" [category="INTERIOR_BLIND", friendlyNames="@Setting.Opening", supportedRange="0:100:10", unitOfMeasure="Percent", actionMappings="Close=0,Open=100,Lower=(-10),Raise=(+10)", stateMappings="Closed=0,Open=1:100"]}

It works, but not right. I would like to open and close it, by using the words “open/close” and lifting the rollershutter by using the words up/down or lower/raise. I thought i am smart and tryied it like this:

Rollershutter Rollo "Wohnzimmer, Fenster Couch" {alexa="RangeController.rangeValue" [category="INTERIOR_BLIND", friendlyNames="@Setting.Opening", supportedRange="0:100:10", unitOfMeasure="Percent", actionMappings="Close=(-10),Open=(+10),Lower=0,Raise=100", stateMappings="Closed=0,Open=1:100"]}

But nothing changes. What i am doing wrong?
And next problem is, that the directions are wrong. Up is down and raise is lower.

Some here can tell me my fault?
Here is a picture of the thing:

You may want to ask this question here:

First try a search in that topic for your issue and then post your question no solution is found.

As far as the semantic actions, only the word “open”, “close”, “lower” and “raise” are available. This is a limitation on the Alexa side. Regarding the RangeController metadata parameter actionMappings, you can either set a semantic action to a specific value or a delta value increment, in parenthesis, from the current state.

Some of your questions are answers in the post below, especially if you are trying to trigger Rollershutter commands instead of just sending a value.

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Thats not the solution for my problem.
The words “open”, “close”, “lower”, and “raise” is enough.

I just want to change the values in the mapping.
When i write:


it does the same like this:


What i am doing wrong?

Hard to tell without getting more details on what the issue is actually. The information you provided is more related to what you tried to do to resolve your issue without actually explaining what it is in the first place. When you stated “it works but not right”, you should provide as much details of what happened and what your expectation is.

Please include all the Alexa request utterances you used and the OH item event that was triggered by these requests.

I have similar problems with such an config:

alexa="RangeController.rangeValue" [category="INTERIOR_BLIND", friendlyNames="@Setting.Opening", supportedRange="0:100:1", unitOfMeasure="Percent", actionMappings="Close=100,Open=0,Lower=(+1),Raise=(-1)", stateMappings="Closed=1,Open=0:100"]

In my case the Lower and Raise always regardless what I put in act in the oposite directions.
What I found out though is that the command “more” and “less” do a perfect job:

“Alexa Blinds Study more” closes the blinds for 1%
“Alexa Blinds Study Less” opens the blinds for 1%

Good enough for now

Did you try using ‘Forget’ and then ‘Discover’ in the Alexa app or Alexa web page after making item definition changes?

Yes I recreated the device (forget/discover).
But for now I am fine. Have to more deep into details later.

This was the solution.