Shelly Binding

fyi: The current DEV build for 2.5 and 3.0 are in sync featurewise. However, I’m re-factoring the input handling, which also brings some other changes. First version is uploaded, @igor and @Rondal will help with testing. This will bring

  • Relay Channels will created dynamically based on features provided by the firmware level. This will dynamically adapt to number of relays (1 vs 2 vs 4 depending on device) and number of input channels (standard 1, Dimmer/1L have 2, iX3 has 3). This will also bring the lastEvent and eventCount channels for all devices running firmware 1.8+ (the channels will not be created for older firmwares)
  • The input channel handling itself (input channel, trigger channel, lastEvent, eventCount, lastUpdate) is re-factored to support the dynamic structure
  • There is one breaking change for Dimmer 1+2: Matching the number of inputs there are now 2 trigger channels (button1+button2), because each input channel specifically triggers events.
  • A work-around for Button-1 to suppress duplicate event triggers has been implemented. I’m still in contact with Alterco how to implement a clean solution, but current status is better than nothing. The problem has also confirmed by other projetcs.
  • Shelly UNI and 1L are now supported, maybe I’ll also add the G10 color bulb

I did initial testing, but of course the number of changes has bug potential. I would highly appreciate if more people could test with existing installations.

Status and timeline for 3.0 does not allow to bring in those changes in the initial 3.0 release. 3.0 will not include those features/changes. AFAIK feature freeze for OH 3.0 is planned end of the week. This means: No chance to run those changes through the PR process until then. Triggering the PR will be the next step, I expect a merge until end of the year, so this would be part of version 3.1 end of January.

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