Shelly Plus H&T stops updating - after update to 4.1.0

Hi, I was wondering if someone else has encountered problems with Shelly Plus H&T after upgrading to 4.1.0. I did the upgrade yesterday and after a couple of hours I noticed that the none of the items linked to the channels of my Shelly Plust H&T receives updates anymore. Today I unlinked and deleted all items and the thing and readded everything, but after just two updates it stopped working again. All my other shelly devices seem to be working fine. Has anyone els experience this issue or has an idea on how to solve it?

There were some changes related to connection handling which (unlikely, but still) could lead to side effects in your case. Please have a look on this topic: OH4 runs out of memory - it was sorted out with no other issues for people involved in root cause analysis and testers.
What kind of connection you use with H&T? Websockets thought shelly binding or mqtt binding?

Please re-post here so the community gets involved:

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I am using the Shelly binding. For debugging purposes I activated mqtt on the device and I can see regular updates in the broker, but not in OH/Shelly binding.
I do want to mention that I did have some success with the shelly binding when the H&T was powered by USB. I suspect that the current version of the Shelly binding has some issues with the time-interval when H&T is battery powered.

solved - user failure:

I have also problems with Shelly Plus H&T after upgrading to 4.1.RC1 (latest docker version). This was working fine in 3.4.1. It doesn’t matter if I use battery power our a USB power supply. I also tried to delete and adopt again but doesn’t help. How to fix this?

As I said - it only kind of works when on external power. Sometimes I see new temp values in the broker without the items updating in OH until they do update - many minutes later. This is bad of course, but at least we don’t freeze :wink:
If this wouldn’t work either, I would have used the MQTT-Binding to update the item - as this is what I use to trigger the central heating.

please provide DEBUG log of initialization and later events

I have same issue with my Shelly HT Plus on most recent firmware (1.1.0-/20231219)
Running OH 4.1.0 in a Docker container on Linux

re-posted here including error messages
Add-ons- Bindings - [binding] - [shelly]

I have also an HTplus in use under OH4.1 based on an PI4.
After update from 4.04 to 4.1 I also have had some COAP warnings in the logfile.
But after an complete reboot (not only stop and start of the service) from the RPI4,
I have no warnings anymore, and also the HTplus works fine.
So I took an backup and copied it as an new master to my Testsystem and my development system.

So keep the fingers crossed that it stay stabile.


This is the ini:
shellyplusht_ini.txt (17.2 KB)

This is what I could capture of the later events - repetitive
shellyplusht_running.txt (5.7 KB)

Meanwhile my Temperature Item shows 22.8°C (because I held it in my hand) updated at 9:36 while it was measuring between 18.4 (window) and now 21.9°C - so there have been several 0.5°C temp-jumps.
Mqtt shows:
10:17 - 21.7°C
10:07 - 21.4°C
10:02 - 20.5°C
09:56 - 18.4°C

And I performed a couple of reboots between now and updating to 4.1.0

I have the same issue with HTplus devices (all of them). I run on a Raspi CM4.

Linux raspberrypi 6.1.21-v8+ #1642 SMP PREEMPT Mon Apr  3 17:24:16 BST 2023 aarch64 GNU/Linux

When I press the button they go online and the thing will be updated. After this they disappear. But they are alive in the Shelly app and they report via MQTT. There seems to be an issue in the binding.
I have also checked the memory usage and heap sizes. That’s all fine. All devices on the latest firmware. Nothing in the logs.



It seems as if this could be caused by a missing import, but I don’t know how to test this.

I followed this advice:

And I’m now waiting for any updates on the channels to see if it helped.

…2,5h later and I can conclude that this didn’t help. H&T “lastUpdate” is still 8:25.

same issue here, channels dont update anymore unless you trigger the command.

Same here. I can control the Shelly’s, and the output channel works as it should, luckily. But the input channel only changes after a command via the output channel via openHAB, not if I turn on the light physically, or through the Shelly app.


update to 4.1.1 yesterday evening fixed all issues wirh Shelly H&T as well as the Netatmo problems.



My Shelly H&T Plus is also not updating since update to 4.1.0. I’m just using the binding, no configuration on the shelly done.