Shelly Pro 2 with mqtt

all, I have oh 3.0 and a shelly pro 2. earlier, i was able to “read” the topic and the syntax by mqtt/fx. but it seems, this device is different. i’m not able to switch them by mqtt. no longer…?
was someone sucessful to set this?

Have you installed the Shelly binding?

yes, installed. the scan does not show the pro2 relais, only older devices.
but only installed it, to learn about naming of the channels and syntax. for all other shelly devices, i was sucessful with ne mqtt binding…but not for the pro2…it seems the older “command topic” with transformation patterns are not longer good enough…a running example would be very appreciated…

Try asking your questions here:

pedro, i still prefer to run it with mqtt. it ran well, but not the pro’s…

I know. But why don’t you share your use case there? Maybe the dev adds support. Even if you don’t want it, others might.

things file:

Type switch : ShellyPro2_1_t "ShellyPro2_1" [ stateTopic="shellies/shellypro2-30c6f78a2b2c/input/1",transformationPattern="", commandTopic="shellies/shellypro2-30c6f78a2b2c/relay/1/command",transformationPatternOut="" ]

items file:

Switch Licht_OG_Eingang "Eingang []" (OG_Wohnzimmer,gLicht,gShelly) { channel="mqtt:topic:mosquitto:shellys:ShellyPro2_1_t"}

With mqtt fx, I see the code is published, seems not to be a mqtt broker/client issue.
Itr seems to me, the code to switch this pro relais is defferent to ther shellies.

Any idea is highly apreciated!

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