ShellyBlu Door/Window sensor - First installation

Dear all,

  1. I bought some ShellyBlu Door/Window sensors.
  2. I managed to add one to the Shelly Smart Control App :grinning:.
  3. I connected the sensor to a Shelly 2PM Plus.

But when I disconnect this 2PM from the cloud, the window sensor is not working anymore.
I have to reconnect to the cloud, then it’s working again. :thinking:

I really don’t like any connection to the cloud. Therefore:

a. Is this behaviour normal?
b. Can I use the window sensor without any cloud connection (also for “installation”, so I can get rid of the Smart control App)? I did not find any information for the window sensor on the web interface of the 2PM Plus!?

(The integration in openHAB will be my next step afterwards :wink:.)

Many thanks in advance for your help!

Is the ShellyBlu Door/Window sensor directly connected to your wifi ? So you should be able to ping it.
It sounds like it is connected via your 2PM which seems to act as a proxy.

No, it is not connected to wifi. That’s not possible. It’s one of the new bluetooth devices which connects to a shelly plus device (via bluetooth). Thus you use the one (or several) plus devices as gateways. The advantage is the smaller size and low power consumption → long battery duration.
But currently I am searching for a way to access the sensors without the Shelly Smart Control app (where cloud is required :face_vomiting:).

Does not this Shelly Beta Binding support BLU sensors locally? I have not tried my self.

Yes, I hope so. :thinking:
My intention was to continue with the integration in openHAB as the next step. But if I am not able to get it running in the shelly/ LAN environment without a cloud connection, I have some doubts that it will work only locally in openHab. And with cloud it is not acceptable to me and I will have to return the sensors. :wink:
That is exactly the topic of my question :blush: and I am depending on some experience and support.

FYI, the ShellyBlu Door/Window sensor will be supported directly over Bluetooth by the next release of OpenMQTTGateway and Theengs Gateway, and is already available in the development versions of both, so that its properties are received by OpenHAB via MQTT.

E. g. OpenMQTTGateway development install Bluetooth binary esp32dev-ble for an ESP32

Theengs Decoder device compatibility list


Yes ist does. you need to

  • add the Shelly thing acting as a hub to openHAN
  • enable “BLU Gateway support” in the thing config
  • This activates the gateway script on the device, which will forward events to OH
  • The BLU device shows up as a thing in the Inbox and can be added as usual

I’ll also support the BLU Gateway as well as the range extender mode. This allows to connect a BLU device to a Shelly, which uses another Shelly as hub to get connected to OH - DIY Mesh :slight_smile:


Sorry for my late reaction. But I tried to install both, the Beta + Snapshot, and ruined my things :unamused:. I spent quite some time in fixing and trial&error.
Unfortunately, the “gateway shelly” is not detected by the Beta binding, and manually configuration seems not to be possible with the binding!?
Additionally, I got several times a conflict while adding other shellies, allthough I thought to have deleted/ cleaned up everything. Is there any chance to identify the type of the conflict/ to get more details?

(My configuration: openHAB 4.0.3 on Synology Docker)

Next try :yum::

  1. I re-installed the Shelly binding and following Inbox was showing:
    …and I was able to create a thing :blush:.

  2. I deleted the thing and uninstalled the Shelly binding. I checked via console for bundle:list → no “shelly entry” anymore.
    But the Inbox kept the entries shown above :thinking:!? Should’nt they disappear?

  3. I installed the Beta Shelly binding. → The Inbox still kept the entries. But when I try to add any of the inbox things, following error is shown:

Any ideas, what I did wrong?