Significant delay of IFTTT on switch-changes that show up in myopenHAB right away

Hi All,

I am pretty new to openHAB but so far I didn’t encounter issues I couldn’t resolve myself with what I could mainly find on the forums - so I have been reading a lot during the recent months.
So generally a BIG thank you to all who put their time and energy in this really smart project and still take the efforts to try to help those running into troubles…

What I am currently struggling with is though the interaction between myopenHAB and IFTTT.
Basically I did create a switch (lets call it SW1) that is set on ON after some time a window is opened and set to OFF right away when that window is closed again.
Besides the SW1 status is checked every 5 minutes and if it is ON then it is switched to OFF for 15 seconds before it is switched to ON again.

This SW1 I exposed to myopenHAB - it shows up there and changes are visible almost instantly.

SW1 I now also used to set up some applet to switch off some aircondition device when the status changes to ON. - The configuration of the applet was straight forward, no problem at all.

When I now started to test the whole logic I can see in myopenHAB the SW1 behaviour as intended - but IFTTT hardly seems to react (sometimes the applet is triggered but so far mostly not) within a reasonable timeframe (< 5 Minutes).
What I noticed though is that after some longer time (having observed something like ~20-30 minutes) all those changes that took place in myopenHAB on SW1 so far are triggering the execution of that applet in a row - so like eg 6 times within a single minute.

That of course doesn’t meet the aim to switch off the aircondition in a reasonable timeframe once a window is opened and ensure it stays switched off while it is opened…

Ah yes - last but not least - I am having another applet that relies on some number value being exposed by openHAB as well - I haven’t noticed such delays there so far. (This applet is running since few months)

If anybody would have any idea how to tackle this I’d be very grateful - so far that’s the last step for me to avoid a waste of energy in that regards…

Thanks a lot in advance!

P.S: - not sure if that’s of relevance in t his case: I am running openHAB 2.1.0 (release build) on a RasPi 3 …

It’s always relevant. :slight_smile:

I assume you are using the openHAB channel on IFTTT. I haven’t used IFTTT in a long time so don’t have any experience to draw upon here but it is very clearly a problem between IFTTT and And since everything seems to appear right away in, I’d lay blame on IFTTT until shown otherwise. Sadly that means we will be limited in what we can do to help on this side.

However, you might be able to get better performance using the Maker channel. OpenHab send sensor notification to iOS/Android using IFTTT

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Thanks a lot Rich for pointing me there - I’d not have seen that linkage. :slightly_smiling_face:
I will give it a try over the coming days as time permits and post the outcome then…

And yes… you were of course right - I did use the openHAB channel on IFTTT… :slight_smile:
Maybe in parallel I will try to ask the guys at IFTTT as well if they got any idea - would be great if that would maybe help as well as I think using the openHAB channel is what most would do in a first step… :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot again so far!

For those who might follow this topic and/or the OpenHab send sensor notification to iOS/Android using IFTTT guide - don’t look for the “Maker” Service any more at IFTTT but look for “Webhooks”.
Seems this has been changed @ IFTTT…


I experienced the same painful delays when using IFTTT to connect openHAB to SmartThings. I ended up giving up on IFTTT because of it.

I’d be curious to hear what they say about it, as I got the impression that this delay was expected on their end. When I made a recipe in IFTTT using the openHAB channel there’s a message that says something like “this recipe usually runs within an hour.”

Just wanted to let you know that using the Maker Channel wit IFTTT really helped to solve the delays - that’s now working pretty nicely.
In regards to the question I sent to the guys at IFTTT I didn’t receive any feedback so far.
I’s still hoping for some statement and will let you know once I have something to share…

Again thanks a lot for pointing me to the right direction!