Simple Thermostat status widget


Simple clean thermostat status widget. For those that want a readonly status widget for a thermostat. Modeled after a Honeywell zwave unit. Includes basic animations and simple broken out config to be more inclusive of many models. Features include:

  • Responsive
    • Does have a min and max size (200, 400)
    • Responsive within this
  • basic animations
  • hides humidity if not provided
  • properties for thermostat heat and cool state


Screenshot 2022-05-25 161435
Screenshot 2022-05-25 161548
Screenshot 2022-05-25 161611


Version 1.0

  • initial release


Gitlab Snippet (widget code)


Oh man I love this, so cute!
Do you take change requests??
Here’s one :slight_smile:
dark mode please?? Oled screens will be thankful!

By the way what do you mean by “state” in “thermostat state”? You have thermostat mode and then state - what is the difference between both?

I can work on proper dark mode support.

mode = the mode the thermostat is in (Cool, Heat, Off)
state = status of the thermostat (Idle, Cooling, Heating, Circulation)

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Is there a reason this widget doesn’t have the “published” tag? without that it does’t show up in the list of widgets to install on MainUI.

At the time there was some bugs I found I meant to with 1.1 but since that isn’t out I’ll publish it the bug or two were very edge case

This widget fails to install on my openhabian running on rpi4.

What do the logs say when it fails ?

Hello Kyle,

First off let me just say great work on your thermostat widget and the clean looking UI, the animation is a nice touch.

"For those that want a readonly status widget for a thermostat. "

Do you have any plans to add functionality to you widget so that it can control the thermostat?

For example:

change mode [heat ,cool ,auto changeover, emergency, fan] [on,off]
change temperature [heating set point, cooling set point]
additional environmentals [humidistat control, uv control]

Will you be adding any addition readings from the physical thermostat?

For example:
HVAC operation stage. [stage 1, 2, 3 aka auxiliary]
UV operation stage.
Humidifier stage.

Recently replaced a couple of 15 year old “dumb” thermostats due to failing capacitors with a couple of Honeywell T6 Pro z-wave thermostats.

I attempted to get them working with openHAB but was unable to, Error relating to device not in database. It was later suggested that it might be due to z-wave security settings. I have not attempted to get them working again with openHAB as I am evaluating Home Assistant to replace openHAB.

With Home Assistant the thermostats were found with no problem and it seems to provide complete control.

Unfortunately Home Assistant seems to be lacking with regards to their implementation of HUE emulation and would like to stick with openHAB if I can find a decent Thermostat widget.

Keep up the good work.

I plan on extending it but due to my newborn. It ultimately will be when I have time. If you want to share code updates then I’d be up for collaboration

This also fails to install on my OH4 instance. Error I get is:

2023-10-25 17:09:14.562 [ERROR] [munity.CommunityUIWidgetAddonHandler] - Widget from marketplace is invalid: Couldn’t find the widget in the add-on entry


Your widget may need this to be installable.

work around until this is done, is to create the widget by cut and pasting the code into the developers tools yourself.