Since 2.4.0 upgrade ZWave devices don't seem to update values like kWh in real time as in 2.3


I’ve had FIBARO Dimmers and switches, and other z-wave devices, in my install since at least 2.2, and generally, have received ‘real time’ updates to values such as watts, kWh, etc. that were seen in logs and persisted through to my persistence DB - great for graphing, etc. (was able to prove the lower costs of running heat-pump vs traditional clothes dryers, etc.).

Since 2.4.0 update, I get very occasional value updates from the devices. When I moved to 2.4.0, I built the OH instance from scratch re-added the devices and copied across any config files, scripts, etc. due to the new architecture.

Are there any config items I’ve missed to get back the level of value updates that I had prior to 2.4.0?

Thanks, Dave.

Make sure you did read the zwave upgrade post and the release notes (breaking changes at the bottom).

node27.log (62.5 KB)

First of all thanks to everybody for the nice work :smile:

I do not know if it is related, but also moved to 2.4.0 and seem to have a lot of ZWave issues.

I was migrating to a different (faster) HW platform and decided to buy a new Z-Stick (5) and started to setup from scratch while my OH 2.3 and Z-stick-2 were still in operational use.

Just upgraded to OH 2.4.0 included a couple of wall switches and sensors (Fibaro, Neo Coolcam and Greenwave) and the response is often very poor. Switching device on or off takes a long time or does not not happen at all. Wall switches are all within 4 meters from the Z-Stick. To exclude one of the new factors I took the Z-Stick2 from the working system included one of the wall switches… same behaviour, so the new Z-Stick seems not the cause. The Fibaro wall switch has a range check, which seem to be ok (steady green).

Reception of sensor values is unreliable as well.

I looked in to the ZWave debug log but as this moment I have not enough knowledge to judge what is wrong, maybe somebody here does. Log file is attached and starts just at the moment where the wall plug is switched to on.


Node 27 is not responding to any transactions the binding sends it. This is causing lots of timeouts. I’d suggest trying to exclude, factory reset, and include that device.

Node 14 also reported a timeout. Not sure what that node is, but you might want to try the above procedure on that device, too.

Thanks @sihui ,

if you are referring to deleting all z-wave items and re-adding them, then yes, I’ve done that. As mentioned I rebuilt the 2.4.0 OH instance from scratch, re-added each device manually, and then copied scripts, etc. across a well as config files from non-zWave devices and items to the new instance. I did that in an early 2.4.0 snapshot, then updated to milestone 8 and then again to 2.4.0 stable.

I couldn’t see any mention of thing values (i.e. kWh, watts, etc.) not being streamed real-time back to OH in either of your references. I am getting temperature and humidity updates from a zwave ZW100 multisensor 6.

I’ll keep looking, but there seems to be some config setting I’m missing in terms of data value updates from zwave devices.

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@Mark Including excluding seemed not to work. I did a more rigourous approach and performed a factory reset of the Z-stick, completely removed and re-installed OH2 and started with a single node. So far it seems to work ok.

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