Sitemaps not found after upgrade to latest Snapshot

I just upgraded to the latest snapshot version from this afternoon (Build 803). My sitemaps are no longer found, I always get this error:

But my sitemap files are in the conf\sitemaps folder as they were before (Windows installation):

Has there been a change to the folder structure from the OH2 Release version to the latest snapshot?

Sorry, but is nobody having the same problem?
Even if I just install the newest version of OH2 from cloudbees (build 808) tonight and just copy the folder structure (no update, freh install) the error occurs.
I place my sitemap files in the conf\sitemaps folder (Windows) but OH2 won’t find them. In Classic UI and Habmin only the default sitemap HOME (empty) is shown. The sitemaps in the folder are completely ignored.
What am I doing wrong?

I’m having the same issue. Did you figure this out?

With one of the recent nightly builds it took a fair while before the UI’s were installed. I think I even did a restart of my Pi to help move things along…

In the end I found out that syntax checks on sitemap files were stricter in the new build. After testing with a very small dummy sitemap file it worked. I then rebuilt my old sitemap file section by section and found the problems and resolved them.