SMA Solar inverter Bluetooth to openHAB 3 REST API

This project collects data from an SMA Solar Inverter using Bluetooth and optionally publishes the values to the openHAB REST interface.
In my case I have a SMA Sunny Boy 3600TL Inverter and my openHAB installed on an RasPi 4 using openhabian.

The motivation for this project was to have a light weight solution that did not require the installation of MQTT or SQL like other solutions and can run silently on the same server, RasPi, as my openHAB.
Below, just to give a flavour of what is possible, is a view of the items in my a sitemap.

This project has also been extended using the openHAB HTTP Binding and DSL rules to push solar values to the using the addstatus.jsp API

Below is a view of the live data as sent from openHAB.

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