What solar PV inverter(s) do you have *working* with openHAB, and how?

I have a Sofar inverter (HYD EP 5000) with 2 batteries (GTX5000) and I read the inverter via Modbus. Actually I bought a device from Waveshare which is connected to the inverter and converts the Modbus data to mqtt. Everything is working fine :smile:

The Waveshare converter just translates serial to Ethernet, just like you need to do with any Modbus device that doesn’t have an IP interface.

But now that you have direct Modbus access why don’t you use the Modbus binding but convert to MQTT ?

Because my openHAB device is not close to my inverter. And I would need a serial to usb device. There are probably better approaches, but this was the easiest way for me.

The device you showed is a serial to Ethernet converter so you don’t need any serial to USB, you can simply use the Modbus/TCP binding. Point it at the converter’s IP.

oh, that’s what you mean. I will certainly try this, never thought about it.
I asume I need these 2 things:

Just though I would cross link this thread to my new post, in case anybody finds this thread first and what I have done is of any use to them.

I’ve installed 1x Huawei SUN2000-2KTL-L1 inverter. With the latest firmware level it is possible to use modbus tcp without the sdongle (using port 6607 instead of 502). To open this port it is necessary to execute the following procedure (in a mobile phone with fusion app): Go to device commissioning, connect to your inverter (needs installer password), then go to Settings → Communication configuration → Router connection settings. Then, select your local wifi access point, enter your password and check the option “Local O&M”, then click Connect. It will reconnect to your access point, but this time port 6607 is open on local lan.

I’m using OH 4.0.0.M2

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Now that I’ve finally got a solar PV system installed, and I do indeed have it working beautifully with openHAB, I suppose I should reply to my own post to say that I have Enphase IQ7A microinverters and the associated Enphase Envoy, along with the just-updated version of the Enphase binding from @hilbrand (see post in Enphase binding thread). I used a combination of webgui configuration for the Envoy bridge, along with a .things file for the inverters, and then a whole lot of items and persistence rules, but there is now a huge amount of data in near-real-time coming from the Envoy and every attached microinverter.

The Enphase solution is probably overengineered for anyone who doesn’t have such problems with shading on their available roof area (at this time of year, production on the west side of our roof goes up on a cloudy day), but at least one up-side of spending all that money on a system which handles the shading well is some really comprehensive data.

Solis 3P-10k-4G via MODBUS/RS485

I use SBFspot to fetch the inverter data from a SMA Sunny Boy 4000TL-21 inverter. The data points are stored in a SQLite database which I query by means of a Python script, and then I post the relevant parameters to openHAB over the REST API.

Details: Example on how to access data of a Sunny Boy SMA solar inverter - #69 by shutterfreak

I have a Fronius and use the Fronius binding. It does what i want without having to go to the vendors cloud based database.

Using Panels with Enphase microinverters with the envoy monitor. This has a local API (with some “secret” services). They return a json message that I read using the http binding and split into the seperate values using a json transform. Using two services I get the total and each seperate panel.

GivEnergy Inverters have a good cloud API available. I understand you can also get local data without going to the cloud using GitHub - britkat1980/giv_tcp: TCP connection (from inverter) and MQTT implementation (I’ve not tried it myself as the cloud API works fine for what I need)

Hi I’m also considering Huawei SUN2000 inverter and LUNA2000 battery. I read somewhere that I need to buy the Huawei Smart Dongle-WLAN-FE for ModBus TCP to work. Are you saying it’s no longer necessary? And can you have ModBus running in parallel with Fusion (ready somewhere only one can work at a time). Thank you!



Thanks! Looks like the model our supplier quote is: SUN2000-8KTL-M1
Do you know the differences between M1 and L1? There are also M2 and M3 very confusing…

L1’s are single phase, M1’s are 3-phase. Unless you have devices that require 3-phase I would suggest to convert your home to single phase. In my Country it’s cheaper, and also more imune to current peaks that can action circuit breakers.

Edit: I remember the installer saying that the dongle was included by default in M1’s but I don’t know if this is still the case

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Thanks! I think I need 3 phase for car charger. Will check with the installer, have a great day!

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I’ve a RCT Power converter and battery. I use the command line tool rctclient to read the values from the inverter. It’s called via bash script by a cron job and submits the data to openHAB by mqtt.

A native RCT binding would be welcome :wink: .

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I wrote a binding for Growatt inverters. The PR (below) was work-in-progress for quite some time during the summer holiday, but I have had it live on my own system for a couple of days, so the PR is now ready for review.