Smart Home Day in Darmstadt on May 25

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Hi all,

I’d like to announce that we are about to host a “small” Smart Home Day in Darmstadt on May 25 (on the same day and venue of the foundation’s General Assembly).
It is “just” half a day of talks, i.e. not such a big event like the ones we had with EclipseCon in Ludwigsburg. But still, it is a nice opportunity to meet in person and have some new inspirations.

The event is free to attend and you can find a (draft) agenda on the registration page at If you plan to join, please register yourself so that we can order enough coffee, food and drinks :sunglasses: .

Best regards,


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I along with many others here surely will not be able to attend but will have great interest in the content presented.

I’m curious if there are any plans to stream the event so many of us could watch from afar. As someone who produces many townhalls and similar other live events, I’d be happy to donate some bandwidth if others who are local to the event could capture and stream.


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I’m afraid we cannot do this. We don’t have the means on site (not even microphones for the speakers) and it’s really a small event with just a few talks and more meant for smalltalk and exchange.

We should plan for another big Smart Home Day in autumn again, where talks will be recorded.


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Unfortunately, I won’t make it this time. I’ll then probably join the next “bigger” Smart Home Day :slight_smile: Have Fun!


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