Smartwatch support (Pixel Watch, Wear OS)

Hi community,
since there is now the Google Pixel Watch on air, I would like to ask if there is any plan to support the Wear OS watches with an app?
I see that HomeAssistant and IFTTT already support the watches.
Especially the support of the speech to text feature would be appreciated.
Thanks for your feedback!

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This gets asked every once in awhile, but as with all things openHAB it would require a developer to have interest in the project. Unless that occurs, there will be no plans to develop a Wear OS app.

This also seems to be the case with the Apple Watch (which I believe has a much larger user base than Wear OS).

I have a Galaxy Watch 4, and I set up Tasker and WearTasker to send commands to items. But I never found a good reason to use this functionality, as I instead just use Google Assistant.

I haven’t tried this, and I don’t know that I’d trust it.

This is similar to what I was doing.

Why not just make your openHAB items available to Google Assistant?


I believe you’d get a better overall experience by using the openHAB Google Assistant integration. That will add your Items to Google Home. The new Wear OS has support to control devices that are in Google Home by voice as well as on the watch somehow (I’ve seen it discussed as a feature but not seen how it works yet, it’s probably a built in complication). But even if it didn’t have support to visually control stuff from the screen, the GA support using voice commands is a much more natural way to command things from a watch anyway.

No separate app is required and I’m not sure a separate app would bring anything beyond making the interaction more complicated. It’s much easier to hold the stem and say “turn on the lights” than to wake up the screen, open the app, find the switch and toggle it. Even if you have a complication on the watch face you still have to wake up and look at the watch and find the icon and tap it. with a voice command to GA you don’t even need to look at the watch.

My Pixel Watch has shipped and I should have it in a few days and that’s what I plan on doing. It’s what I did on my old Fossil Carlyle before it stopped charging. I haven’t used the Rube Goldberg Machine approach I posted in the tutorial @rpwong linked to for quite some time now. It’s not needed.

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Hi guys,

thanks for your feeback.
The GA integration seems really the best choice.
But I don’t use SIRI, ALEXA or GOOGLE assistant at all for different reasons.
Therefore I decided to use the PICO STT for my openHab instance.
I will see what is necessary to get the voice control of the Android App on Wear OS.
Btw. I like my Pixel Watch :wink:

The Home app with the openHAB GA items links works well as a remote, really only useful when you don’t want to look a fool talking to your watch in public.

I started off using tasker as my main system many years ago before I found openhab. It is an extremely powerful tool but not the most user friendly. The Dev is very support and helpful.

It all depends on what your idea of smart home is. I’ve settled into the phase of, as little input from me as possible and let rules take care of the rest.

I do use telegram for notifications from my system mostly with actionable answers. Just a pity telegram dropped their wear os app. Might try this autowear to read the notifications and display an action screen.