Solar water heater

At home we have a solar boiler and I’m trying to find a way to read the data from it. The brand is ACV and the head unit is an ACV Solar Unit 2 (which is actually a Sungo SL from Wagner & Co)
Does anybody have any idea how I could read this data?

The Sungo family looks like rebranded Resol devices.
If so you could get data with a network extension and Resol binding.

Thanks for the hint. It’s a bit unclear in the documentation for the moment, but I’ve contacted the vendor to help me find out which type of datalogger is best suited. Since it’s already an older model, it’s not that easy to find. :slight_smile:

Have a look at the resol binding.
If your device supports vbus you are close to a very well working solution :slightly_smiling_face:

The ‘new’ solar controllers Sungo 100, 200 and 300 should work with the resol binding. But the Sungo SL seems like an older device from a time before Wagner decided to go with resol rebranding so I am quite confident that this will not work :cry: but if the controller doesn’t do complex stuff or needs lots of inputs you might think of replacing it…

(No, I’m not working for resol and don’t have benefits if you do so.)

I also was looking for a possibility to import data from my solar thermal system into openHAB. But same like the Sungo SL also my Sungo S does not have any interface to read out temperatures or relay status directly.
Forced by a broken display of my Sungo S I was faced to decide to either replace this device by a Sungo 200 for almost 500€ or “Do It Yourself”. I decided for the second option (Raspberry or ESP as controller and data sent by MQTT to openHAB or straight forward and let openHAB do the controlling). The only tricky thing is to read the temperatures from the PT1000 sensors.

…we just taped DS18b20 sensors onto the relevant pipes and collected data that way (via esp8266 and MQTT). The original sensors where then used only to calibrate an offset.

Yes, that‘s one way but needs some calibration. I decided for another (more expensive) way by using two Adafruit MAX31865 sensor amplifier modules (PT1000 to SPI).

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Just got new from the supplier. The older version indeed doesn’t support VBUS. Only way to get some info is to attach some extra sensors. But that goes beyond my knowledge. :slight_smile:
So only option would be to have my unit replaced with one that is compatible with VBUS. Or has even more advanced capabilities. But that’s a cost that’s not worth it at this moment. :slight_smile: