[SOLVED] Alarm contacts, one with delay (to have time to switch off the alarm)

Use a , like below. Works either way but this is the proper way.

createTimer(now.plusSeconds(nn), [ |
       lots of code
   ] )

Still seems to work, thx again.
What I saw, after changing some “code” like delay, or test-switches, I get the error, that (i.e.) the item “AlarmArmed” can’t be found:

Rule ‘AlarmActionWZ’: The name ‘AlarmArmed’ cannot be resolved to an item or type; line 91, column 9, length 10

But the Item was still in my alarm.items -file, file was not touched 3 hours.

After restart oH error message was gone.

Yesterday I had also a strange issue, I put some items I used for my “alarm” from “contact.items” into the “alarm.items”, but than they were not found.
After I can’t find any reason for this (should be no different where they are defined, or?) I restart openHAB, that it (in alarm.items) was accepted !!

After all, I think this is a “bug” in oH … to many changes etc. without restart ?

When you make several changes to your files and start having weird issues it’s a good idea to clean the cache.:wink:

sudo systemctl stop openhab

sudo openhab-cli clean-cache

sudo systemctl start openhab
sudo reboot

Now, first “live” test, it’ clear, I overlock an important issue:

Activating the alarm (by hard-button or soft-button) is mostly done from inside from the house, so the Main-Door will be opened after activating… this cause an unwanted alarm.
So a delay for arming the alarm is needed (20s), and also interrupt the arming process (press hard-button or soft-switch again).

Actuall the arming (“AlarmArmed”) is done inside two rule (one for hard-button (“AlarmHardButton”) , one for the soft-button (Switch: AlarmArmed). See code at the end (*)

So I think the “AlarmArmed” switch must be changed, because activating this switch should be only start the arming process (delayed) and after the delay the alarm is “armed”.
Is it possible to change the “Armed-Switch” into a switch with three option?

  • disarmed
  • arm in process
  • ARMED!


rule "AlarmSwitching Hardbutton pressed"  // it's push-button
    Item AlarmHardButton changed to OPEN
    if (AlarmArmed.state == ON)

rule "Alarm Softbutton changed"
    Item AlarmArmed changed from OFF to ON or Item AlarmArmed changed from ON to OFF
    if (AlarmArmed.state == ON)
        AlarmCtrlLED.sendCommand(OFF)   // green LED is going off if armed!

Any ideas :wink: ?

All the moving parts to do this already described here.

One approach:
Have an arm timer variable
Trigger a rule from button press that -
Checks to see if alarm is set - if so, unset it.
If alarm not set, checks to see if timer already running - if so, cancel it.
If alarm not set and timer not yet running - start a timer that will set the alarm in N seconds

I think so …

Just trying, and immediatly first problem to create a “switch” with 3 states I want:
Switch item=AlarmArmed label=“Alarmanlage” icon=“siren” mappings=[OFF=“Aus”,STARTING="(start)",ON="! ARMED !"]

Shure, this can not work: switch has only ON/OFF.
Found this: klick
Do I need a mapping file under ./transform or use Text-item? Sorry …

Actuall I get: “… invalid status ‘Starting’ …”

I don’t think you need a three-state switch for simple function. The alarm is set or not. The timer is running or not.

If you are planning something fancier, like beeping and flashing during arm or disarm periods, then you could use a String type Item to take any values you choose.

Hmmm, I’m talking about to activate (Arm) the alarm.
This should be done with a delay, so after switching the (soft) alarm “switch” to “starting” (the new option), the next 20s open contacts will not result in a real alarm.
So I thought the three position switch will be the best way, to activate (press: starting) the alarm with delay and if inside (or from remote) I can see the alarm is “activ” (“ARMED”; after the delay).

(at the end also the hard-button should activate the alarm (arm) with a delay so we have a chance to leave the house)

Yes. Set the alarm state to whatever represents “armed” in 20 seconds time. During that 20 seconds, the alarm state is not armed. That’s just a binary, on/off function still.

If you want to represent more than two states for the alarm - and why not, real alarms do - then use a different Item type like a Number or a String.

So, here my changed part for the soft-button.
Think it should work, also with (simple) delay I added.
(0: Off, 1=start delay/activating; 2: Alarm is activ)

Is it possible to add “into” the delay from 30s a function, that the LED will switch on/off periodically (1s on, 1s off, …) til the 30s are over (than the LED should be “off”). So in the floor we can see: “Timer is running …”

rule "Alarm Softbutton changed"
    Item AlarmArmedState changed
    if (AlarmArmedState.state == 1)
       logInfo("alarm.rules", "aaa deley here to activate alarm....  AlarmArmedState: {}",AlarmArmedState.state )
       [ |
          logInfo("alarm.rules", "bbb  delay over; Status AlarmArmedState: {}",AlarmArmedState.state )
    if (AlarmArmedState.state == 2)
        logInfo("alarm.rules", "ccc Alarm now actic, Alarmstate: {}",AlarmArmedState.state )
    if (AlarmArmedState.state == 0)
        logInfo("alarm.rules", "eee Alarm switches off, Alarmstate: {}",AlarmArmedState.state )

You can find a “flashing LED” rule here

Thanks for the hint,
now the LED is blibking, and will not stop.
Still blinking, also when pressing “Armed” or “Off” …

How can I stop the rule, because I thought I have add a break-point (TimerH.cancel) and rule for starting the rule (AlarmArmedState changed from 0 to 1):

Also wondering, the loginfo (for debugging) appear only one time in the log, I thought must appear every second …

Don’t forget, I never use before a timer-function, so maybe a simple thinking- or coding error on my side is possible!

rule "blinking LED"
when Item AlarmArmedState changed from 0 to 1
    if (TimerH != null)
       TimerH = null
    TimerH = createTimer(now.plusSeconds(1)) [|
        if (Alarma.state==ON)
            logInfo("alarm.rules", "222222222222222222222222222 inside blinking timer, AlarmArmedState: {}",AlarmArmedState.state ) 
            logInfo("alarm.rules", "111111111111111111111 inside blinking timer, AlarmArmedState: {}",AlarmArmedState.state ) 
        logInfo("alarm.rules", "hhh inside blinking timer, AlarmArmedState: {}",AlarmArmedState.state ) 
        if (AlarmArmedState.state != 1)

Did you forget to add var Timer TimerH = null at the top of the rule?

No, I added already :wink:
restarting oH, now the LED works as expected (in first tests)!
Seems a died rule was running in the background … on…off…on…

What i see now, when using the “3 position” softbutton (Off, activating, Armed), a status change from i.e. “Off” to “Armed” done on tablet A is not visible on another tablet (or PC browser) (must reload the page). The red “Off” is going to color grey on other devices, but the new status “Armed” is not going “red” (till I reload => than red)
On Tablet A colors are immediately changed as expected. Also before when having only a regular switch (on/off) the change was immediately vissible on all devices.
Must I add an “Update” option ??


In detail, here the code from the delayed activation from the alarm (switching from 1=activating to: 2=armed):

postUpdate (AlarmArmedState,2) // I try this to fix update-issue =>nok (still nothing “red”, activ in the GUI)

The status from the (3. position) switch is updated, must “refresh” the screen to see actuall state. Hmmm

The status is set to “2” (armed, see in log and also after refresh), but not shown in the GUI (all positions are grey)

Anyone an idea?
Actual it’s not so fine because the actual alarm state is not vissible (3x greyed)
(another simple “switch” is updated in real time everywhere)

PS: Happy new year !!

To aid understanding, if you have a Timer running when you reload a .rules file, that Timer continues to run. Very often, with things like lighting timers, you’ll get a mystery error some minutes later when the time expires. (Because other variables it refers to have been destroyed by the rules reload.)

I’m not quite sure what the blinking LED timer loop does when “cast adrift” in this way, but I expect that’s what you saw.

The various UI’s often have trouble reflecting an up to date view, without refreshing the view.

Issue with the not automatic updated “switch position” still exists.

But I also find out an issue with the alarm-state after a restart from oH instance.
I write the alarm-state in a influxdb and restore the value after an oH restart (… restoreOnStartup).
Here I see that the values are restored, but in a incorrect format.
I.e., the last value is correct “2” (vissible using the console (openhab> smarthome:status AlarmArmedState => 2" and when get value from influxdb: “2”).
After an oH restart the console give as alarm-state “2.0” !
Influxdb still give the value “2”

And the vaule 2.0 is now the reason, that also after refreshing the screen the actual-alarm state is not shown/updated, because it’s not “2”.
Switching manualy to position “2”, the consoel shwo again the correct value (format) “2”.

Where have I to set a “format”, so after oH restart the value is “2” and not “2.0” ?

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Thx for this information, strange that influxdb add the .0 …