[SOLVED] Amazon Echo Control can support also Echo Flex?

Hi folks,

I’m looking for buying a couple of Echo Flex … is the device manageable via Echo Control binding?

please let me know


A quick search of this forum indicates no volunteer has tested or written code supporting this device. I. Other words, we do not know for sure whether OpenHAB can support this device or even if Amazon has added It to their external API.

I’ve just received an Amazon Echo Flex at home. We’ll see



for your information, Echo Flex is discovered as normal Echo device … :slight_smile: so, good point.

now, as my Echo Flex has a motion detector, I will create a routine to switch ON an item in Openhab when a motion is detected … otherwise the switch needs to stay OFF.

let’s go :slight_smile:



I’m a bit confused.

I was used to put some tags (switchable, target temperature, …) in my items between [], now I see there is a different way:


may I ask you what is the right way?


It works perfectly btw :slight_smile:

here my item:

Switch Alexa_Flex1_MotionDetector "Flex 1 Motion Detection" {alexa="Switchable"}
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So this means Alexa will trigger this Switch whenever Motion is detected?



Perfect - thanks

The echo show (have two show 8) does have such motion sensor as well, is there a way to get them in OH 3 available?

Develop the code & submit a PR on GitHub


Use bountysource to try & encourage a developer to develop the code.

I have setup my Flex motion sensor switch in OH this way and it’s detected when I run the device discovery on alexa.amazon.com.
Furthermore I can trigger this switch from the alexa app manually.
But Motion is not transferred to the switch in OH.
(there is no Motion channel in the Flex thing.

So do I miss something?

Never mind - got it.
An alexa routine in the alexa app was needed.

Newbie here , also with a new echo flex with motion sensor.
Is it possible to have the motion sensor detect a person, and then trigger a light switch (via a rule?) in OH?
If so, how is it done? Assume I am a complete idiot.

Well actually I don’t have any routine in Alexa app :slight_smile:

I’ve just created an item like this:

Switch Alexa_Flex1_MotionDetector               "Flex 1 Motion Detection"                           {alexa="Switchable"}

Let me know, as I’m doing some reverse engineering (I did that almost one year ago :))


Uopss … I have two routines actually :smiley:

one for power on when motion is detected, and one for power off when motion is not detected :slight_smile:


Thanks, Andrea.

That’s what I tried in the beginning as well, but the Flex did not trigger the Switch when Motion was detected.
I will switch off the routine again to check if it will still work…

First of all you need to setup a switch as Andrea posted above.
Secondly you need to create a routine in the Alexa app like:
Name of Routine
Switch to use
If: Motion is triggered
Time frame (if needed): e.g. only during night.

Alright - thanks.
I just confirmed that the Motion routine is needed as well :slight_smile:

By the way - I just use only one for ON
openhab will just reacts on “command ON” (and set’s a timestamp) because Flex triggeres the switch with a command if motion is detected.

Is this item switch not automatically available from the binding?
Can I create this under items but the other items configure under Paper UI?

I am about to move to OH3 once it goes to Milestone 5. Which route is advised? Currently still on 2.5.9

Much thanks